Twenty five minute remix

Twenty-five minutes, give or take a couple of minutes here and there depending if the train is operating on time is the estimated duration of my trip to and from work. I decided a while ago in lieu of subscribing to the endless traffic lights standing in my voyage to work I would try taking the train. For those who may not be familiar with Long Island, NY a car is required at all times for everything. Additionally, those  who desire valid answers, and would like to satisfy their curiosity, 12 miles and approximately fifty five lights stand between home and work.

I am blessed to live within walking distance to the mall, shopping plaza encompassing a grocery store, shoe store, gym, pet store, and other small conveniences, such as the train station. One day I decided to leave my car at home and opt to take the train to work. It was not easy at first since I was used to riding my silver chariot everywhere. I persevered again the next day to experiment and test out a pending theory: can I release attachment to material things?

“Did I have the capability to survive and overcome the co-dependant relationship with my car?” Furthermore, was I ready to accept the withdrawal symptoms during that time?  Before I can answer, those questions let us back track a bit. One of numerous personal mountain sized dreams and or goals is to relocate to Williamsburg, Brooklyn as I remain sedated with everything offered in that particular NY borough .

Plan A: Invest a million hours weekly at work, sacrifice some outings, shopping indulgents, (including a fabulous pair of red heels) etc, and cut expenses in other areas to save more money and move into my new place in 2012. Additionally, one of these sacrifices included selling my car.

Since life has her own way of shaking things a bit, Plan A has found its way to the revised plan with subcategory folders and remains under construction in slow progression. In lieu of wasting unnecessary energy on complaining, I decided momentarily to appreciate the timeout. In the meantime, releasing the attachment syndrome to my car was a pleasure in itself and it is one of the best decisions ever made.

Additionally, the benefits outweigh any prior reservations.  After a while, you familiarize yourself with regular commuters and conductors at their respective stops. On rare occasions if we miss one another, I imagine them taking the day to carpe diem in their lives. I have met quite a few people, however, most are not ready to commit to a full conversation during the early morning hour; respectfully, and I get it.

I arrive at work and back home in a calmer, less distracted, peaceful, and happier, and present state of mind. Whether I am on the train or walking back home from the station, I steal the twenty-five minutes to plan my day and or evening ahead. Wow, how could I forget the most important part, my job is right across the street from the station. Secondly, I support physical activity and in this case, walking is a great way to boost up the endorphins free of charge.

Alternatively, I have learned something during the one-year anniversary (yay) of this experimental phase the less time spent with it, the quicker I want to sell my chariot. Additionally, these little moments introduced a new awakening, self-realization and attracted more confidence to say I am ready to conquer the infinite Brooklyn concrete sidewalks. Moreover, the theory proved correct, detachment is the best attachment that brings you back to real life; thank you twenty-five minute remixes.

By:  Laura M.Artis


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