Sayonara 24/7 Gym

First, I hope this month brings tons of success and happiness. On that note, it is only fair to start a new month with a shocker. Many years ago, I stumbled upon a gym around the corner from my house. It was not fancy and epic in size, however, the people were nice, the membership was reasonable, the machines and free weights remained updated however, the best part of it all aside from the increase in eye candy it was opened twenty fours a day, seven days a week. I began the indulgent retreat in High School and continued until a couple years ago. I know for most that may think and refer as the basic definition: a place to go workout whenever I desired.

However, this place and I bonded within the last few years. When wrapped in stress and or needed a quick pick me up prior to a date or after, I migrated there. This was a place I gravitated towards and made friends with during the odd hours of the night. Additionally, I knew people looked out for one another and the security proved to be exceptional. There were plenty of times where I attended post midnight workouts armed with books, and I knew I had a place to go when I could not sleep from excitement before a vacation or other reasons. I rest assured this would become a permanent Mecca for finding peace and releasing endorphins, but an era has reached its maximum purpose and service to the community and me.

Therefore, it is my not my pleasure to conclude that due to the pending doom of new management my favorite late night gathering no longer in exists. The new rules and people completely changed everything from staff to interior as well as exterior appearance, and now it is a “family” gym. I thought they would keep the twenty-four hour situation but (sigh) sadly they chose to opt out. I am a bit sad; however, I understand the necessity for change. It is more appealing and attracts more customers; however, that part remains an everlasting nostalgic part of a previous life. In conclusion, I am sorry to see you go, but thank you for the convenience, budget friendly membership fees, and memories.

By: FreeSpiritInk.

©2012 FreeSpiritInk


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