Boardwalk Enlightenment

Lambi boardwalk

Salutations Universe,

Here we are once more, and I apologize for the delay in posts. I wanted to post daily this past Memorial Weekend; however, I was occupied with a couple of friends and my mom as she attended her annual fitness convention in Atlantic City; oh yeah and then there was the enlightenment situation. I expected the weekend to be filled with fireworks and an abundance of laughter and fun times, but it arrived with a full-blown “A-ha” moment. I will not discuss what happened however, I would say this, I was anxious as it occurred and it felt like that moment before you give a big speech.

Moreover, it led to one solid conclusion you should always stand up for yourself regardless of any situation. Additionally, this may seem like advice, which I have experienced that not everyone is receptive to taking advice. Therefore, another suggestion (lack of a better word) in life is never start something you will not finish and this is a true testament to life. If you start something, and you are ready for the repercussions, then progress onward and  the same philosophy applies on the retro switch if you are not ready then stop where you are.

I learned three things this past weekend:

1. In life it may bother some people who you are willing to against the tide (sort of speak) and be yourself. It takes an abundance of courage to stand your ground.

2. There are times where your EGO may need to be humbled a bit, and back off on certain matters of life, and I hate to use clichés but it is true that sometimes we should curb the necessity to always be right and choose our battles wisely.

3. Finally, I learned that going forward especially with you, the audience, I will remain true to my personality and morals. If we ever meet in person, the same person sitting behind the desk and typing on the laptop is the person you will meet. The humor, sarcasm, and charm will sprinkle and always shine. I did not expect this type of firework moments to occur while strolling on the Boardwalk, however, they were welcome and it felt as if it were a live coaching experience when the internal light bulb suddenly brightened.

I would like to share with you however, it would be impossible to move forward if I stay in the past; therefore, I wanted to give thanks to another step towards personal transformation.

By: FreeSpiritInk


© 2012 FreeSpiritInk



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