Laptop hysteria

Hello everyone,

We meet once more, and as much as I am trying to stay afloat and deliver daily doses of entertainment, this thing called life is weighing on my schedule. First, before we go further, I am a writer for a new site that provides awesome quality reviews on other blog sites. I am in the health, life, entertainment, world portals. Therefore, since most of the time is spent on looking for blogs, reviewing, editing then finally posting them, plus my temporary reality called work it is a hectic world. However, I will promise that I will try to keep you entertained as much as I can; in the meantime, you can thank my Mom’s mini laptop for the convenience. Additionally, I invest an abundance of free daydreaming tokens of the perfect time that I will be able to wake up and write all day long. Ok, I digress, so where were we? Oh that is right today’s post is about my beloved laptop. I received it as a gift from my parents as an Xmas gift a few years ago and we have been inseparable since then.

I knew it was somewhat on the brink of losing its edge when it started slowing down but today was the culmination of its foreplay. It went blank, and there it was a blogger’s worst nightmare:  error messages. PANIC set in quicker than I could wipe tears off my face. Honestly, I was not crying but I might as well have started to go in that direction; I felt we were not ready to bid our final goodbyes. The next best thing to do was to call my dad to the rescue; thank goodness for his computer expertise and it does help that he works with computers for a living. He advised me to call the laptop’s manufacturer and speak with them.

Ninety minutes, two technicians later, rescue was on the way. He mentioned he would send some software CD’s and I was in heaven. Now, I just have to wait four anxious, nail-biting days to receive the goodies and restore normality. In the interim, I experienced an epiphany. I thought I was un-attached to materialistic things however, I suppose I am far from it. In the end, I was happy we found a possible solution; however, I did not realize I would miss my laptop that much. I think I figured out the intense attachment in some sort of way. My friend helped me put together a very cool vision board and I uploaded it and made it my desktop background. When I turn on the laptop, that is the first thing I see in the morning. It helps me inject focus into what is necessary during the day to accomplish their success. Therefore, I suppose I am not ready to let that go just yet on that note, thank you laptop techies for saving my vision board.

By: FreeSpiritInk


© 2012 FreeSpiritInk


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