Just made it

Hola Universe,

As mentioned in the prior blog titled “25 minute remixes” it is quite apparent that I try not to use my car if I can avoid it. Therefore, since the train station is about a ten-minute walk from my place, on rare occasions I purposely leave my house a little bit later than the expected time. First, before we proceed, try to contain your laughter, but I do this because I want to test how much time it will take me to run to the train station. Ok, I know perhaps that sounds, oh, I do not know the word I am looking for. Perhaps, absurd? Crazy? Perhaps both? There are times where I drive myself nuts because the rushing increases useless, nonstop super adrenaline and it does not stop until I reach the platform.

After moments of adjusting and wiping sweat off my forehead and walking into the train as if nothing happened, I start the tape recorder of “why would I do that?” “What is the point of rushing?”, “Never, ever again” etc even though I know I am lying. However, there are several additional motives as well:

1. Testing the response time to stress

2. Checking to verify if my legs maintain the capability to perform in supersonic mode

3. It is a quick pick me up in the am and a good way to start the day.  However, on the flip side I do not receive the benefits of the importance of being cool, calm, and collected. Additionally, because my mind is operating on warp speed, it does not allow me enough time to inject doses of good tokens of aspirations and expectations for the day ahead. Therefore, the compromise is simple to find a balance between getting a small workout and being present; Until we meet once more find knowledge and light be yourself and shine bright.

By: FreeSpiritInk.

© 2012 FreeSpiritInk


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