Kitty Surprise

My temporary visitors; Meow.

Hello Universe

I know I skipped a day of blogging, but I was super busy enjoying life and bike riding on 6/10 with my parents in Shawangunk, NY; don’t look at me I don’t where that is  and whether someone paid me a million buckaroos to go back there solo, I could not tell you where to start. Additionally, I could not remember the name so I am probably spelling it incorrectly, as we speak. The ride was great and it will be one of those solid memories to hold onto in the future. We rode about ten miles and I wanted to continue until the very end however, time was not on our side. After the ride, we stopped over my mom’s friend’s house and had a delicious late lunch/ early dinner with a couple of adult beverages. It was just a perfect way to end the day.

Currently on 6/11, you see where this is going right. That is correct we are conducting a double entry; the choice was to  either write a new post or combine, then again who cares. Therefore, today I went to work as usual and when I returned home, I was in the can’t-wait-to-turn-on-my-laptop-and-work mode. I was motivated and I have an abundance of things requiring my attention. I arrive home, and my dad states he wants to show me something, and he is headed outside with a flashlight. I was looking forward to a couple of raccoons performing on Cirque du Soleil level of entertainment; however, it was far from it.  There was a litter of four kittens scrunched up together in a plastic bin and singing a symphony of “meows.” We had two stray cats sharing the ambiance of our backyard but they would make a pit stop at my neighbor’s yard to eat. If you ask me, it is best of both worlds; free food and entertainment. Therefore, call me silly, but I think the obvious assumption is they found partners and mixed cat fluid to make these cute little kitties and then mommy cat abandoned them. We had a cat however, it lived a good life let us just say that; I think these cats sense that aura hence their sudden roundabouts in the backyard.  Therefore, my mom and I took them in fed them diluted milk through pacifiers.

6/12. This was Plan A: drop them off at the shelter and wish them an abundance of success to land in good homes. We arrived at the shelter by our mall and we were excited that they had a chance to go to special people; but that was far from reality. The shelter was full, and they were not accepting new pets at that time. Therefore, plan A modified to a temporary sub category. The manager mentioned to us to try to allow the kitties to re-connect with the Momma cat and in the case the connection did not succeed within a couple of weeks they would have more space for new additions. The people at the shelter were super helpful and they gave us a bottle with cat formula to “foster” them in the meantime. Additionally, we have to burp them and “motivate” their digestive systems for excretion. Let us be honest for a little bit, I do not have kids, however, this experience has taught me a lot, but the most important thing I learned was:

1. My mom is super awesome and I do not know if it is the maternal instinct but she was ok with everything. She just took on that role and it was fun watching her feed the kitties, make up their temporary sleeping situation, etc. She was patient, attentive, caring, and open-minded to each of their needs and watching her melted my heart. The next day, a woman recommended by Mom’s friend, came by the house and schooled us on taking care of kittens. She gave them shots, prepared them for the temporary “fostering” process while she searched for a permanent home for them.

2. These kitties have added a little spice to our daily living. It is amazing how resistant my dad was of taking them in however, he anxiously rushes home to feed them and I feel a temporary attachment to them as well. In a weird way, I feel as if the Universe is trying to send invisible clues as a test and hopefully I passed. In conclusion, I think it is the law of karma, if you do more good things like this, more good things come to you; what do you think?

By: FreeSpiritInk.

© 2012 FreeSpiritInk


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