Damn you French Fries

Hello everyone,

Ok, I am just going to come right out and proclaim my love with French fries. First, before we progress, I am a newly transitioned vegetarian (try to keep this hush-hush; would like to prevent a traffic jam into my inbox) and I love it so far. However, that is not the problem. Some may agree that French fries should be part of the vegetarian staple and diet because they are indeed composed of potatoes, which is in fact a vegetable. Additionally, it has come to my attention that I crave French fries and crunchy “veggie” chips once or twice a month.

Do I know the source of this increased sensation and craving to simultaneously indulge in fried and crunchy food? Well let us be real, it is not “real” food but you get the point of inducing this comparison, so the answer is no and I do not care to discover the source. Now, I damn the French fries in a way because during my trails, I have come to the realization that I am very fussy of where I attain my grease addiction. There is a bar/restaurant around my house and honestly, hands down they make the best fries; better than any fast food situation. P.S. I do not eat fast food since this new transition however, my thoughts point towards this direction: potatoes are vegetables and I think that is what I am sticking to as the defense argument. So, where were we? The bar/restaurant makes the entire craving worthwhile; below are supporting arguments:

A. Six blocks are all that stand between my house and French fries heaven.

B. The kitchen is open until 3am; damn them even more for this convenience.

C. They make good fries, so you it is easy comprehend the “go into the light mode”

Furthermore, the crunchy so-called veggie crisps are delicious in my book. They accurately hit the spot without that after-effect feeling. However, the next day after viewing the evidence of my insane and non-disciplined actions I do not feel guilty at all. Additionally, I started making my own that way I can decorate them with various spices and other ways to make them tastier and “healthier” by adding veggies to them. The only justification is it is not a regular habit and I think that occasionally it is ok to treat yourself. I am sure some may argue that takes away from the whole vegetarian lifestyle, however, I do not live for everyone; I only live for what adds happiness to my life.

By: FreeSpiritInk.

© 2012 FreeSpiritInk


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