This is living

Howdy everyone,

Hope you are enjoying the weekend thus far. First, I want to wish a Happy Father’s Day to all Dads out there, including my own. Honestly, I want to thank him for all the experiences and knowledge he has introduced me to and thank him for the only person who trusts me with his cordless power drill lol. With that said, let us get down my future blast of the perfect hypothesized day of life. On 6/16, I was in the company of a good friend. She and I met on a birthday limo ride to Atlantic City as strangers and we have grown to a great union of friendship. We both rely on our esoteric, unique, intelligent and quick-witted personality to magnify any situation. Additionally, she is just one of those people who I look forward to the post midnight, late night texting inundated with un-filtered, ruthless, honest, G, NC-17 to R-rated conversations and additional irrelevant minutiae. We are so different yet so similar and it is eccentrically beautiful.

Therefore, it is about a year since our last merge and this is due to our busy schedules and the pursuit of our new endeavors; she is a genius by the way so watch out for her ideas to manifest in the world in the prospective future. I do not easily assign that title to just anyone, so it is directed towards those who meet that level. She invited me to meet her for an amazing foot rub and massage as part one of our adventure. It was phenomenal, so much that I fell asleep on the couch.

My dreams immediately transported to a beach far away, surrounded by candles and tiki torches while receiving this treatment. I surrendered to soft, seductive and inviting Asian music softly amplified in the corner speakers inside the room; it was magic. I forgot about life, responsibilities, to-do lists, emails awaiting my response on the crack-berry, etc. After our treatments, I felt phenomenal and reality never seemed sweeter. We bought some wine and went out to lunch. As we drank the wine and enjoyed a delicious feast outdoors in a restaurant, watched the sunset and engaged in fulfilling laughter and conversations, I was addicted and craved more. I pleaded, promised, and bargained with the inner Alpha Female-in training to work my dernier with intense motivation and perseverance in all my endeavors to double dip and incorporate this activity on a consistent basis in the near future.

By: FreeSpiritInk

© 2012 FreeSpiritInk.


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