Ode to Twitter

Image Attribution to : twibles.com



Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening,

I hope everyone is having a great week thus far. Therefore, I am going to get to the ring of the fire; o.k., perhaps that is not the right word. I think a ring of enlightenment sounds a bit less threatening and more inspirational. In the beginning…. the relationship between Twitter and I can be described sort of like a blind date. There is a side of you that remains fearful, yet simultaneously open-minded to a new adventure of meeting someone new. Additionally, I never thought I would utter these words, however, I love twitter, there I said it. Here are top five reasons why I decided to render an Ode to Twitter.

1.I look forward to my limited engagement moments with the blue bird phenomena and blue happens to be my favorite color.

2. People are easy to follow on Twitter and not to mention some awesome dude is teaching me Portuguese via Tweets

3. I finally learned what MT, RT, H/T and OH stand for. Here is a quick lesson: (MT= Mention; RT= Retweet; H/T= Hat Tip and OH= Overheard)

4. It’s much more fun than Facebook; personally speaking.

5. Self-Discipline; that’s right everyone 140 characters is my threshold; who knew. Furthermore, the defense(yours truly) rests your Honor because I cannot find one reason to counteract. Twitter, taught me in lieu of pledging endless status updates exceeding standards of a thesis, all you need in life to maintain and entertain the public’s attention span is a short yet productive medium; enter Twitter. Therefore, an abundance of gratitude to  Twitter for maintaining this girl’s endless, ongoing, super sonic, lightning bolt approach, fearless, fun, yet pragmatic personality under control; Tweet! Tweet.

By: FreeSpirtitInk.


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