Welcome Hot, Hazy Humid


That translates to hello in Portuguese. In the previous post titled “Ode to Twitter”, I mentioned one reason that I enjoy Tweeting is because a current follower took on the unofficial responsibility to teach me Portuguese; it does not get any better than this and I am grateful. Therefore, that is one upon many words that I know thus far. We just have to start forming sentences and one miscellaneous fun goal is on its way of gaining accomplishment. With that said, we are ready to elope to the current moment. It’s officially summer and I am more than excited to pronounce the unspoken relationship with hot, hazy humid temperatures. Some are petrified and seek safety indoors, however, not this girl. I enthusiastically look forward to embracing  the golden ring and permit its endless ambiance to kiss every inch of my body while running.

Yes, I know, it sounds absurd, however, I can not get enough.While others plead with universe for cooler nights and months, I counteract that wish for an abundance of double perhaps triple digit temperatures. It seems as if people are much more friendlier, open, receptive, daring, adventurous during warmer months. Hmm, do I have supporting evidence? I do not have concrete facts, however, the only source derives from personal observation. So, I want to be the first to welcome more hot hazy humid temperatures, and wish everyone a great summer.

By: FreeSpiriInk.


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