That’s a Wrap

A very short but sweet moment in time while riding the G train anxiously awaiting my stop to join the seduction of downtown NYC madness was a live version of a missed connection. The synopsis: two young adults engaged in a conversation heading to their respective destinations. OK I was not eavesdropping, however aside from every other person engulfed with personal electronic distractions this little meeting served as temporary entertainment.

It seemed they shared a lot in common, i.e., mutual chemistry, traveling, secure careers, original life experiences however the deal was far from being sealed. Apparently, the dude forgot his cell phone in his car. He repeatedly hinted where he was going to meet his friends however, the woman displayed resistance on his invite. The conversation carried on for another couple of stops where both the woman and I exited. He stood up and they hugged their goodbyes. As the subway doors closed and a mob of people ascended the stairs to the street, I appointed myself Cupid to inquire why she was resisting so I tapped her on the shoulder and asked ” Excuse me, I do not mean to embarrass you but he seemed very interested in you why the shutdown?”.

“He is too young and short for me. I like tall men and besides I have a boyfriend, so I didn’t want to be rude,” she replied with a smile. Yes, my friends that’s a wrap indeed. We both laughed, wished one another happy holidays, and went our separate ways. I guess some things are not mean’t to be.

By: FreeSpiritInk.


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