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Hello Universe,

I hope everyone is having a splendid beginning of the month. I wanted to try something different for the month of July. Upon reading a few business books and speaking with a friend who is a great person in my life I started writing down goals in a notebook. In the beginning, I thought I was immune to writing down goals because I practiced another way of attaining them and this included and not limited to excessive wishing during full moons, day dreaming, entertaining useless energy on becoming frustrated with the definition currently known as reality and of course the old fashion way of abandoning everything and taking immediate action. Please don’t get me wrong when the going gets tough this girl will make things manifest. Previous examples include investing time to practice for a marathon and a triathlon in a couple of months. I was also successful in cleaning out my closet, maintaining and incorporating a fun healthy lifestyle, learning medical Spanish, learning how to Rollerblade, sign language, talking less and listening more, learning five new things on a daily basis, etc; the list is endless.

However, I learned physically writing down goals is a damn good way of attaining goals at a much faster rate. At the beginning of every month for the past year I started jotting down every single goal that I would love to make a reality. When this process started, it felt weird in the beginning as random moments of resistance increased. It felt as if I was defying the law of taking action. I thought once you dream it you can achieve it and that was all it took to make things come true. However, I did not expect or prepare for the amount of motivation, efficiency, and productivity these lists produced. It sparked like an internal urgency of reaching my goals and making new goals as I go along and it return that is great. I feel more responsible, rather than obligated to do things, and most importantly in control of how I spend my time. Additionally, the decisions that I make along the way, I am certain will steer the boat in the right direction. I also feel free as the subconscious induced unnecessary  pressure,  excessive production of excuses of why things did not work, or the necessity to procrastinate is lifted off my shoulders because everything is displayed in a clear, well thought out, written, rigorous, monthly perspective. Additionally, this prompted another decision to keep a weekly goal list as well. I used to subscribe to daily goal lists, however, I find them a bit unrealistic because I have to account for the following and overflowing formula : time x 24 hours x daily duties divided by life and carried to the infinite power  between work, family, personal time, etc. Therefore, the weekly goal list works like a charm because I know I have seven whole days as oppose to a limited 24 hours or less.

The categories in the monthly goal list stay the same however the information plugged in always remain flexible for change within each new month. I’m going to share a teaspoon with you if you do not mind of an example of the organization protocol or format. One category is titled Personal goals and that includes stuff for example go running everyday, buy new sneakers, practice public speaking, etc. The second category underneath is titled: Business goals and that includes anything from paying attention when other people talk, tending to important things as they occur, increasing memory skills by doing an exercise in a book that I find quite helpful. It has helped me study different ways of remembering people’s names, birthdays, etc and other daily tasks. I also have a section titled ” My perfect NYC apartment”, “Perfect vision for a potential dude”. Yes, I agree this sounds a bit funny but it helps with the process of knowing what works and what does not.

Then comes the other goals, listed under miscellaneous but fun goals. This is my favorite part because I go crazy on this category and it’s entertaining because it requires less rigidity and discipline than the previous titles. Some fun goals that I have listed are:

1).surfing 2) flying a glider, 3) shark diving, 4)spending the night in the Sahara Desert( My mom and I went to Dubai and the Sahara desert was one of the safaris that we attended and I promised to indulge in a future sleepover), 5) learning Portuguese and Arabic, 6)running up the Great Wall of China, 7)racing in the autobahn, 8)learning how to say hello in different languages,9) Indulge in a moment of Zen by the beautiful Buddha statues in Thailand, Tibet and or Japan, 10) Fly a helicopter 11) Be part of a flash mob, 12) Attend the Australian, Wimbledon and U.S.Open Tennis events 13) Attend the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont all in one year, etc; I believe this random request list is currently approaching the two hundred and fifty over indulgent mark.Furthermore, the best part is the list increases about ten items more each month. Therefore, I want to say thank you for this great idea of shining a spotlight on my goals because it makes life much more worthy of living.

By: FreeSpiritInk.

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