Subway Theatre


I agree it has been a while since we last merged and enjoyed a good chuckle over subway experiences. Life for the moment has been a bit hectic with everything that defines the matrix. Therefore, without further a do I present to you the subway theater. I enjoy the fine arts like anyone else, and this is why I was desperate to post this before midnight and I am doing this on my friend’s laptop before we head out to paint the town with our combined energies. As I anxiously sat on the E train heading into Brooklyn, we, referring to fellow passengers and I enjoyed a spontaneous. The picture box: Four people; two females and two males erupted in an altercation. While excessive expletive words exchanged within this mini live drama sitcom, I thought, momentarily, it was real until until the unexpected twist occurred.

Three stops into our journey another member of the team rose up and yelled “Cut” and all members of the cast exited at the next stop. However, while on board and prior to their exit stage left strategy I was simultaneously entertained yet appalled. Additionally,  for a short moment, I was tempted to intervene, however,  I quickly made the decision to sit this one out. In the interim, it sure as hell justified for a good subway theater experience.  Therefore, I give kudos to excellent acting, spontaneity, and the use of the subway as your platform. Additionally, I wish all of you good luck in your acting career; thank you NY for providing the best and eclectic experiences.

By: FreeSpiritInk


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