On Second Note.

As I waited to re-unite with a friend halfway on the connection between lower east side and into another borough all together I welcome you to the subway potpourri. I spotted a dude chillaxing by a staircase. Moreover, after a short flirt session, we both grew some big ones and met in the middle of the platform. I was clearly open and receptive to exchange digits. As I start dictating my phone number to him, he grabbed my phone off my hands without permission; Gasp! but I let it go.

After storing his number, he held on to my phone a bit longer than normal. I asked for my phone back, however he started to play the ‘give then snatch it back’ game and the first time was hella funny as we both chuckled.  Then he starts looking through my phone; what was he looking for? Adult movies? A tracing device/bug? which sparked inner paranoia to wonder if government officials were tracing us? Just then, a male friend of mine was calling simultaneously and that is when he hands the phone back to me with a side note comment.

“Oh, well I guess you are Ms.Popular, you know what I know I’m better than him”(referring to the incoming call) and walked away.

I thought to myself as I redialed the missed call and concluded the following. Yes, perhaps he could be right; however the only difference is my friend is a permanent in the address book and you my dear have just earned yourself a V.I.P spot on the do not call list; bah bye!.


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