Victim of Creativity

Good day Everyone,

As any blogger/writer, artist of any genre would tell you, in addition to Commitment, Diligence, and intense focus, nothing is possible without these tools. However, I have realized something else while pursuing goals and burning the midnight oil, regardless of what you identify yourself as, a musician, painter, actor, etc, eventually we fall prey to becoming victims of creativity. Additionally, while speaking with friends who share similar passions, we share certain things in common. Therefore, here is a compiled list that I have organized with a few side notes that open the door to question if you are a victim of creativity.

1. You have more pens than fashion accessories. – Perhaps this is part of a biased observation however, I accept the truth that the amount of pens collected through various random places, including and not limited to dinner gatherings with family and friends after the check is signed. Some pens write better, therefore, I started collecting them. OK, let’s set the record straight, I’m not a clepto (because I’m sure this is the easiest assumption)  however, I ask for permission. In the beginning I assumed the pen was up for grabs but I felt bad. Additionally, it made more sense to practice manners and ask rather than entertain the foreshadowing reactions  from the hostess and of course become a participant in contributing to inefficiency on their end because they do not have a writing tool to write future orders from customers.

1a: The value of your pens are more significant a pair of classic Mary Janes’ or a raincoat. This is the part that I’m assuming might raise some eyebrows for some, however, beware that good quality pens are hard to come by. Additionally, if you  a creative person, it does not matter how much a pen costs. When I was attending a speech course a couple of summers ago, I think, if I am not mistaken,  the total on the receipt clocked in at $15 for a pack of pens and one “special” pen. It did not speak nor recite bed time sonnets however, the harmony between my fingers and the pen perfectly bonded like hydrogen and oxygen. Sadly, it ran out of ink, and I believe I passively donated it into pen heaven.

1b:  When your mother implements a time limit when you ask to borrow her pen…This is epic, random but true. My mom is well aware of the unspoken marriage with pens. Therefore, on rare occasions( less than 45%), and if  we are together and perhaps  a thought ignites, I want to immediately jot it down before it runs through the recycling process while clutching on to dear life before it exits and joins the lost, unused, and forgotten footage category. However, sometimes I don’t usually return the pen to her. Momsy gets upset and this leads to —-> issuing a short apology—-> promising to return the pen—-> losing Momsy’s favorite pen somewhere in the matrix.

1c: Stocking up on pens for those just in case moments; need I say more? It’s pretty much self-explanatory.

1d: Writing on anything tangible that you can get your hands and not limited to toilet paper, paper towels, walls, desktops, receipts, etc.

2. Lack of Consideration with Time:  The truth is pretty simple, there are only 24 hours in one day. Eight hours are productively invested in the real world; We continue to deduct more time when considering recreational, social, personal and family obligations,etc.  However, for those who fearlessly and diligently entertain their creative outlets, it is so easy to envelope yourself in this reclusive cocoon of concentration regardless of time and your daily routines. Additionally, I cannot speak for everyone else, however, I find that even though I am working, the wheels continue to turn with new ideas, innovations, etc. Furthermore, the anticipation to return home because I feel as if the creative umbilical cord is violently ruptured without justification; if only my employer would understand the necessity of daydreaming.  Well until we meet once more, find knowledge, find light be yourself and shine bright.

By: FreeSpiritInk.


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