Define your Edge.

Dear self I am scared says the EGO.  We invited ourselves into the unknown territory for the search of personal fulfillment without a map. What is next? LEAP!

The Beginning:  A concept or otherwise known in the professional arena as an idea. What do you do? Dismiss or fully embrace? When the reality of hard work reigns over you with a double-coated wall of doubt, fear, anxiety and lack of acceptance to individual responsibility necessary to reach the peak it feels as if the idea is slowly diminishing in the background just as quick as it arrived. Should that stop you? Perhaps you the brave one amongst the crowd chooses to crush the self-created precipitation of chaos to the ground and diminish their existence to the very place they were born from or maybe not. LEAP

The intermission: Action has taken place and change is imminent therefore creating a collision course towards making your dream procreate to a live reality.  The past still lingers on however the present seems that much more exciting to exist in and the future still may be light years away but it is a never-ending promise to continue to push forward. There are moments of short circuits that seem to poison your journey and this time the emotional continuum is much stronger because now there is evidence of HOPE and pure belief that something is possible. There may be times where you may find yourself stuck in a stagnant position with multiple failures and disappointments and closed doors of consistent choirs singing “NO” which leads to emotional breakdowns of self-hatred and abundant self-examination and asking why you ever started on the new adventure; LEAP.

Suddenly, as you almost surrender yourself in a disgraceful manner to completely give up and return to the safety net to the everyday corporate suicide rat race…..never go backwards. Keep in mind the hard work, patience, barrel of persistence still predominate the road ahead.

The End: The vision is aggressively clear and the emotional rollercoaster is no longer in control. This is the beginning of the DREAM that unfolds with levity sprung from indulging in a wholesome serving of humble pie. A pie stuffed with failed attempts but with courage to persist, further, and higher even with a bruised EGO. In addition this is the part that one truly understands the real meaning of F.E.A.R; False Evidence Appearing Real served with a side of attitude of gratitude of the past , that is the now which determines tomorrow. What is the passionate destination splitting the denominator? I hope the answer is Success. Success, not measured by the price tag of luxury accessibility but rather by the quantity of invested time and an infinite supply of motivation. Which is spicier living a life of “what could have been” and allow inspiration to stroll past you, or proudly proclaim “I leaped” as you leave your legacy for others. Until we meet once more, find knowledge and light be yourself and shine bright.

By: FreeSpirtInk.


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