Just smile a little

Good Day Universe

I hope everyone is having a great weekend thus far. I wanted to write about something completely different however, due to the events of the day, I think this post is headed towards a different direction.  As I drove heading to the gym during the late afternoon,  I enjoyed subscribing to music that pumped me up and foreshadows the intensity of  the workout.  However, today I noticed something that deserves some spotlight. I try to be aware of my surroundings most of the time, and I could not help but notice some people are quite miserable while driving. Aside from the choir of worry, anxiety, of their current reality in life written on their face it intensified some burning questions; what is the cause of your malfunction.Perhaps they are concerned with other motorists cutting them off, or being involved in a car accident or other things. Therefore, I have provided supporting evidence of why we should try to maintain a good mood. Additionally, there are some questions to target and a few factors on how to troubleshoot your anger.

1. We are in the middle of July and the temperature is well above freezing; therefore the weather is not a factor.

2. Perhaps you need to hit the gym and on rare occasions I am tempted to invite them as an outlet ( I mean they have huge punching bags, so that could work)

3. Ask yourself is life that serious? If you asked me that question, my answer would be no because I realized that someone else somewhere has it worse than me.

4.  Do you crave a hug, kiss, or perhaps someone donating others forms of attention and affection into your life. Additionally, perhaps all you need is someone to ask you about your day, or passively lend their time and some TLC into your life.

5. Alternatively, perhaps you are craving some good old fashion un-interpreted  afternoon delight sessions; it’s ok to be honest  no one is judging you.

The Temporary Solution

In lieu of placing judgment I decided to elect myself to help spread some joy in the interim. Therefore, I started by making funny, silly and awkward facial expressions to break the ice sort of speak. Ok, perhaps this is a bit crazy, unfiltered, random, and plain ol’ ridiculous to some. However, for a single moment in time this can be a temporary distraction and a reason to forget what is ailing you.  Additionally, I started to say “hello” if the windows are open or wave if the they are closed. I do not know how long this plan will continue, but I know that I am not doing it to mock anyone, but to serve as an eccentric way of reminding you of the important small things that make up life.Granted, most people will react differently, however, that is a risk I am willing to take. After all it is fair to say that we all have doubts, fears, insecurities, and or problems that are out of our control; and the only we can control is our reaction. However, we must not forget to laugh at life once in a while and therefore with that friendly warning in mind, if you see a person waving or making goofy faces, just remember it is Ok to smile a little.  Well until we meet once more, find knowledge and light, be yourself and shine bright.

By FreeSpiritInk.


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