2nd time around

Hello Universe,

Yes, I agree it is a while since we last shared ink posts, however, during that short hiatus, an abundance of events occurred since then. Additionally, the spirit of the Olympics triggered some random yet welcomed inspirations in the professional as well as personal arena. I don’t like to boast or require the necessity to inflate my EGO, however, I’m a very active person. The pleasure principle magnifies when a new physical and or mental accomplishment is checked off the list.  Last year during the month of December of 2011, the decision was quite simple .  I wanted to meet new people, do more different things, and find out what the real definition of what it means to be a well rounded person. Furthermore, I hoped by putting myself out there more it would become another way to indirectly overcome daily challenges.

Hah! Well as always be careful what you wish for;  I composed a list of 2012 things that I wanted to do and while we are in July, the list proudly stands at 1700. Granted, it should be less than that however, something called work and reality momentarily stands in the way. However, one goal that I aspired to complete was to to conquer two extreme rock walls at our indoor rock climbing facility. The first time I went outdoor rock climbing was with a very good friend of mine and her family a few years ago in Joshua Tree National Park. I concluded outdoor rock climbing was similar to indoor ( totally wrong) so we discovered a local place about a year ago offering indoor climbing and indulged.  I did my best with three walls and saved the best and the hardest for last.  The instructor tried to direct and motivate, however, I stopped midway and asked to descend; perhaps due to fatigue, or a deflated spirit. Therefore I vowed as part of this years goal to seek redemption. My friend and her two kids, and I joined forces and made it happen.

As we arrived at the facility, I could not wait to start climbing. After we strapped into our gear I replayed the endless dream of abolishing the so-called nemesis that conquered my pride a year ago. After my friend’s children insisted to go first, it was finally my turn. I scaled the rock, adjusted the emotional turbulence and without thinking twice, I approached the wall. The left foot went first and then followed by the right foot while grabbing on to the accessible grips above my head for leverage. Moments later I reached the halfway point, and for some reason the nagging, doubtful, and fearful static that hindered the destination were on a permanent vacation.

I continued to ascend and the only thing on my mind was to reach the metal beam above my head. Moments later I reached the top. It was a pleasure to proudly wrap my fingers around the metal object, while swimming in a sea of endorphins; a concoction surrounded with rapture, pride, comfort, and a sense of accomplishment. I held on for a short moment before the descend to allow the internal voice to send soft whispers proclaiming ” good job girl.” As I propelled downward I was overwhelmed by the surplus of  of emotions. A year ago, it seems as if I surrendered,  a few months into a new year later I finally dominated this wall among the additional six within the alloted time. Therefore,  I have learned something during this process;  similar to life and its glory.  You should never give up and remember the opportunity for redemption rarely knocks twice, however, if it does take it. Additionally, treat life as if you are practicing for a major event; even though you will not win all the time, just remember there are plenty of lessons in between.

By FreeSpiritInk


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