Screaming: A healthy outlet.

Good Day Universe,

I know it’s late and in reality I should be slumbering and dreaming of my perfect day which includes writing all day and enjoying  events (aside from work) that magnify joy, etc, however,  I could not sleep.  After counting sheep, and  investing countless minutes or hours of motivating the chaotic traffic of thoughts to yield for preparation necessary for embracing the REM cycle, suddenly I surrender to  alternate distractions.  I flipped on the tube, however, that was a waste of brain cells, therefore the executive decision became simple; start writing in hopes that will induce a deep slumber on the desk or the laptop. In that short moment while I lay awake I felt like screaming. Have you ever felt  like screaming? I know it is super random here is  a brief disclaimer.

If any of you take this literally, and decide to call the authorities , I am not in danger, I am  in one piece, remain safe in my pad. I hypothesized some reasons why I felt like honoring and expediting  this outlet as I will share a few factors with you.

1. I scream because… I’m super excited about my goals and life in general. I anxiously await to celebrate the small accomplishments set out this year.

2. I scream because…on rare occasions, due to the sensory overload of progress, I want to share my idea via  a microphone with the world, additionally, small frustrations of this creative outlet tend to increase the momentum to pursue further.

3. I scream because… I cannot sleep; therefore I want to wake everyone on my block in hopes of discovering another creative person who shares the same passion for life.

4.  I scream because…I have nothing else to do and for the hell of it.

5. And lastly I scream because…it is a good way to momentarily shake up  and add a little dose of inspired lightning to the spirit ; and just like that, I feel better. Until we meet once more, find knowledge and light be yourself and shine bright.

By: FreeSpiritInk.


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