Extinguishing the Chaos @ Times Square NY

Hello Universe,

Happy August and I hope the month is starting off on a good foot.  Is it crazy to proclaim that I  seek peace in the middle of  Times Square, NY? If you have never experienced this chaotic web of entertainment, then you are in for a treat. However, on a different note, some, including myself find it inspiring and a in weird way an alternate method of meditation. O,k., I know what you are thinking, the lights, endless choirs of honking cabs, the abundance of strangers, including tourists, businesses, etc. How is it possible to find the moment of  Zen? Well as eccentric as it seems this is the truth; I am attracted to the lights and noises like a moth to a flame.  Perhaps it is a way of temporarily justifying and cracking the whip on the madness that exists upstairs. On rare occasions I feel the rush of excessive thoughts are battling one another for attention and release as if they are on a speed race on the Autobahn. The crossing guard decided to escape on her duties without notice all ideas, aspirations, rejections, opinions are running the show.

In lieu of prematurely indulging in their existence, I go to Times Square to find solace. As I walk towards the lights and spontaneous, unexpected events occurring, there is a source of relief that showers over me. It is as if my mind knows that this is the place that will help re-group, calm the engines, and place everything in an assembly line order for the next phase. While seated on the marble slates, I feel as if I am existing however at a completely different paradigm than the current reality sequence. My mind is no longer in a fight but it is operating on a level known as the PRESENT. The usual questions that desire and require immediate attention pertaining to the Who? What? Where? When? Why, and How and the subcategories in between are answered without struggle. I’m not cuckoo, but I read somewhere that the brain streams between 15-60,000 thoughts daily. I cannot confirm the accuracy of this given information, however, it is easy to  comprehend the monotonous  static inspiring this post. So, why do I go to Times Square in lieu of perhaps a spa, one on one love affair stroll with nature, or enroll in a yoga class? They are all great sources of re-igniting the inner Chi, however, Times Square  compels you to realize that your concoctions of problems, worries, insecurities, fears, etc, are minuscule to those who parade through your peripheral. Well, until next time, find knowledge and light, be yourself and shine bright.

Yours Truly,



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