You are a Fitness Junkie because…

You go with your friend to her writing class coincidentally in an office building reaching twenty floors; even though her class is on the fifteenth floor you use the extra two and half hours to channel the inner Dora the Explorer “discovery” skills. Additionally, you decide to do squats between floors.

You wish and throw crystals in the wind hoping your friend gets that promotion at the tallest building downtown.  The excitement is partially for your friend, but you know if she lands the job it comes with a ton of perks including free guest passes to the company gym;  technically that makes you a guest.

When you drive into NYC, you purposely avoid an abundance of  parking garages like the bubonic plague and park twenty-five blocks from your destination. You use the excuse that you want to “sight see” and today of all days you decided to wear high heels. While your friends mock you because they are wiser and brought sneakers or flats with them, you justify by saying, “well my calves could use some work.”

When you deliberately leave the house, work, or venue with less than ample to get to the train. Logically, it does not make sense, but to satisfy the inner athlete you surrender to inducing adrenaline you do this on purpose so it will give you an excuse to run. You arrive at the platform and inside the train, perspiring, and welcome a pat on the back for a job well done.

You indulge in junk food just for the hell of it, however, you have a play date with a friend in Central Park the next day so the walking will balance the excess consumption; and besides you can always blame the cravings on your monthly visitor.

When you are invited to a getaway, the first items in your weekend bag are your running sneakers, and enough workout  attired for the days ahead; after all who needs evening casual wear or other things.

You miss out on the first round of events occurring in the morning because you decided to add an extra three miles to your morning run. Additionally, as you read through missed calls and texts, you remain oblivious and blame other people for their mis-understanding of your active lifestyle.

After a heavy girls night out while your friends babysit their hangover, all you can think  about is the hill around the corner awaiting your conquest. In between the sobering  stages, you utilize the remaining energy before  your short slumber ahead, to set the alarm, and meticulously  arrange your clothes to run in a couple of hours.

The last reason that you are a self titled fitness junkie, is because you feel awesome, accomplished and strong like Super Woman;  if people cannot deal with it, too bad.

By: Laura.


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