If Momsy only knew

Hello Universe,

Everyday is Mother’s Day! My Mom, aka Momsy, is my wall of support and rock. And even though I’m under the illusion that I am grown up and remain capable of taking care of myself, she still does not know how much my heart grows for her. It is natural to try to prove yourself to your parents that you are independent after taking the right steps towards creating your own life. However, in this case I am creating a life to add more eccentric, spontaneous, fun, and interesting elements to my Mom’s life; buyer beware, my mom is capable of handling her own social life, but I want to give her more because she damn well deserves it.

If only Momsy knew when she tucks herself into the corner of the couch, while conveniently proclaiming her “myspace.com” wearing her glasses and watching TV that is when her awesomeness shines through the most during her natural state. She sacrifices of her daily grind armed with best intentions to make home feel comfortable and welcoming is a motivation to work hard and reciprocate.

When Momsy, stresses over small things, and requests big dreams from the Universe, if only she knew I am listening and I wish to grant them for her. I admire her strength, presence, charisma, patience – a few things out of an infinite list that make her Super-Woman. Her aura, and sometimes wacky perception of life draws people to her and I’m always grateful for everything she does for everyone and myself.

If only Momsy knew that when she doubts herself, it is not because she lacks self-trust but because I know that she is scared to admit how strong she is as a person. If only she knew when she tells me to have confidence in all I do and never be afraid to “fly” and find my happiness in life, I want her to be my co-pilot and see the world with me as well.

If only the world knew how much I love this woman because words are not enough and can never be. She is a constant reminder that life is beautiful, worth living and makes the world easier to conquer. So Momsy, if you do not know or I have not told you lately, wanted to say thank you for all that you do; and if you never knew, I absolutely love everything about you.

By: Laura M. 


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