Workaholic in training

Hello Universe,

I was working, and when I say this, it does not mean that I am stuck in an office building, subscribing to boredom while counting down the hours until I leave. “Work” refers to the late night engagement dedicated to personal projects that seem to find a megaphone and scream for my attention. If you are a new visitor/follower to this blog, here is a quick update. I recently surrendered to the reality and realized that my destiny in life is to become a writer and much more. I recently finished my second book and instead of seizing the moment to celebrate life with friends, I stayed home to dedicate some time to edit and all the fun stuff that comes with that new sense of reality. Currently, as the clock is kind enough to remind me that it is 3:15 am and though the only plans I have for Sunday are to conquer a six-mile running trail, maybe go to hot yoga in the late afternoon, and continue “working” on personal projects, I realize that  I am super hungry. Here are two options: go to sleep or feed the beast, aka gizmo, aka my stomach.

Since, I do not have epic responsibilities, eating is the best solution. I have  a huge craving for french fries,but lack the patience to donate the time to peel, cut, soak,  season, cook aka fry the potatoes, wait for them to cool down and then eat; I could always go to the local Bar/Restaurant down the road, but I think I missed their kitchen closing time deadline. So, the next best choice is making whole wheat spaghetti and add loads of veggies (thank goodness for those micro-waveable  steam-fresh veggie bags) mixed in with pre-cooked shrimp. P.s. I am a vegetarian who eats seafood (I guess I’m a pescetarian;  awesome right? And, there goes yet another label)  so this is a bit easier than waiting for meat to thaw, season, cook, blah blah blah and then eat.

As the flavors tango in the pan, I am thinking maybe this was a bad idea to eat this late, but I’m past the boiling point with the pasta(literally because that means it means almost ready) so now my taste buds are ignited and all I want to do is dig into this scrumptious short notice creation.  Gizmo( my stomach) performs flips as if it is auditioning for the Olympic gymnastics team. The food lands on a bowl and immediately,  I feel as if I am floating in heaven as I surrender to this food fest at  3:55am. I finish one serving and go for another, after all I am going running in a few hours and for you avid runners out there, you know the rule; carb load is essential  and I will use that as the excuse. I dedicate another hour editing two more sections until the rebel teenage birds start singing their morning anthem then it is time to retire to my sleeping throne; Goodnight Universe

By: Laura


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