Wait! What?

Greetings Universe,

So this is the random yet entertaining news that happened in the month of hiatus. Obviously, I shared the good news before about the site that I contribute for but this is bigger than that; I think. My mom’s birthday landed on 12/8/12 and during the week I took her out to an Opera titled Beatrice Di Tenda  at Carnegie Hall, which I will probably post soon and then my Dad and I took her out to an all day excursion around NYC this past weekend. However, that is the news, that tickles my feathers a bit, she decides that she wants to do a small fiesta type situation on 12/14 at the house so I expect the usual suspects: her friends, a couple of my friends, tons of food, music, and adult beverages.  While we were out, Mom blasts out the most random thing ever in her lifetime. O.k., before we go deeper, let us take a quick trip into the past and somewhat current situation to get a jist on what’s happening so far.

I have known this guy called “Alpha 2″ (temporary alias) for about fourteen years now. We met at a random Halloween Party fourteen years ago and every year we sporadically run into one another  and nothing has happened. Recently,( 2011 to be exact) we realized what a small world we live in and double the intensity we share the same people in common including my mother who is part of the ring cycle. Nonetheless, since this year started, we finally kissed, cuddled semi nude and nothing more and  had this epiphany that we are attracted to one another, blah blah blah. So, out of the blue while taking shots of Tequila for Mom’s birthday she blurts out ” you know you should invite “Alpha 2” to my party.

I’m thinking “Damn you Patron, you should be shot and left for dead in the Bermuda Triangle.”  However, she was super serious and then I’m thinking ” did she snoop on our attempt on sex-ting” accidentally left on my phone while during Sunday Dinner one day? Why of all potentials that she liked and have met since then, would she invite him of all people?

Needless to say, I extended the invite to “Alpha 2” and I do not know what he will say, and I don’t care, but is that right? To invite your almost potential lover to your Mom’s birthday fiesta? What do you think?

Twitter: @Lauraslifeonink


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