Lights, Camera, Dinner and Drinks…

NH5 exterior 300x199 Lights, Camera, Dinner and Drinks... UpstairsLobby1 300x199 Lights, Camera, Dinner and Drinks...

Remember the days when we used to go to drive through cinemas followed by indoor theatres? Currently it seems that epic venues such as the Imax experience is the ultimate movie going thrill. However, do not settle yet, because just when you think you have seen them all, along comes the Nitehawk Cinema; an exquisite movie experience worth checking out.

A little hidden secret tucked away in Williamsburg, Brooklyn established in 2011 is the next stop to watch a movie, order drinks and eat dinner  all in one place.

UpstairsLobby3 150x105 Lights, Camera, Dinner and Drinks... UpstairsLobby2 150x105 Lights, Camera, Dinner and Drinks...

How does this work? Well you walk in, purchase a ticket for the intended movie, after you nestle in your seat,  feel free to order delicious food and cocktails, and sit back and enjoy while everything is served right at your chair.

Nitehawk Cinemas also offers “Beer, Dinner and Movie Nights,” where dinner is served and paired with local Brooklyn brewskies; other specials include “The Works,” “Country Brunchin, and “Live + Sound+ Camera.

Calling all Simpsons fans, on Monday nights the theater offers a “Simpsons club” for your pleasure.

TheaterOne 300x199 Lights, Camera, Dinner and Drinks...

 If you want to feed your nostalgic movie night fever, then check out their calendar for some cool, interesting, one-of-a kind monthly events.  NiteHawk synchronizes their specials to cater to the theme of the featured screening event; perhaps this could be a place worth considering to host a special future and personal event.

The Rules:

  1. Arrive at least thirty to forty five minutes early to ensure you get a seat, because they operate on a first come first serve basis.

  2. If you arrive early, then you can partake in a pre-show or indulge in a couple of cocktails by the lobby before showtime

  3. Hold onto your ticket. The servers will periodically check your ticket when you order food and beverages.

  4. Guests can order anytime throughout the movie.

Even though it seems as if Brooklyn is a forgotten part of NY, after visiting the NiteHawk you will not be disappointed.

 By Laura M. Artis.

 T: @Lauraslifeonink.


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