Kick Ass Art: Jason Borbay.

Sutton Place at Twilight Painting by Borbay 300x297 Jason Borbay presents: Kick Ass Art Exhibit

Monet, Picasso, Manet, Van Gogh, are examples of great artists, and once you think you know them all, along comes Jason Borbay. A native New Yorker, Jason is the newest artist in town creating buzz and earning infinite rounds of applause and recognition in worldwide publications for his amazing artwork. It was an awesome moment to catch up with Jason at his Kick Ass Art Exhibit held at Wix Lounge in Union Square. Echoes of laughter, excitement, endless conversations pierced through the elevator while ascending to the appropriate floor.

The doors swing open and every square inch of the walls are covered with Jason’s creations and his dear supporters. So here is the scoop in case you are wondering what makes Jason stand out from the rest. Jason’s use of the canvas is unlike anything ever manifested while incorporating collages and embeds exquisite detail in each piece. However, pay attention and do not be afraid to scrutinize each lapel, set of lips, ears, clothing, in each piece because it’s incredible how he utilizes cool objects for each item.

Jason is known for painting famous people in the spotlight include Uma Thurman, Johnny Depp, Justin Theroux, Jay Z, Morgan Freeman and much more and he is a master at his craft. During the exhibit, spending an abundance of time viewing one portrait before moving on to the next is common. His fan base gathers around to wait for their turn to experience the showcase and appreciate the work via different vantage points.

Additionally, to the naked eye it seems easy as pie, however, Jason confesses some of his work consumes and ranges from eight days to an entire month for the finished product. Jason has been featured in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and remains humble while mingling with guests that continue to pour in masses. It is highly recommended to experience Jason’s work in person if possible and for more information on his upcoming appearances check out his website:

Twitter: @Lauraslifeonink



Working Women

Joyce Theater
175 8th Avenue (on Eighteenth Street)
{212} 691-9740



The Joyce Theater, a cozy, and intimate venue snuggled on eighteenth street on the west end of Manhattan is the setting to experience the production and magic of dance titled Working Women and as we nestle into our seats and browse through the Playbill, the vicinity quiets down and the crimson red curtains rise. The projector beams images onto the backstage and a short skit begins with two women carrying a stage prop across Manhattan on the way to the theater.

Moments later the two women emerge from backstage onto the main stage and the audience greets them with echoes of applause. The two performers set the tone for the remainder of the show by kicking off with an action packed, energetic, fun, and comical, dancing performance.

Life, love, art, inspiration, and free movement interpreted through the production of eight dance companies including and not limited to the Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company, Loni Landon Projects, and Janis Brenner and Dancers and many others are the motivation behind this incredible collaboration.

Dancing is a freeing experience and regardless of its sub-categorization to modern, contemporary, tap, jazz, ballet and or other combinations forms a bonding experience for everyone and feeds the desire to bring people together. Additionally, it livens up the soul while celebrating and liberating the sensation of expression without boundaries.

At the end of the show, the choreographers met on stage to answer questions from guests and shared the journey leading up to this moment and the dance industry as well. Working Women is a great, nonstop, fun-filled show and a must see if you have a chance to experience it in the future.

By: Laura M. Artis

Lessons from Sandy

Hello Universe,

First before we attack the nitty-gritty, I want to send out my prayers and thoughts to all families and people affected by Hurricane Sandra and I hope you are maintaining as best you can under the circumstances; hang in there and stay positive as things will get better. Additionally, I am offering my apologies as I promised to blog on a daily basis, however, since we lost power, (but now restored) I tried my best to log on via my cell phone but I had to decide between walking four blocks from my house to receive choppy cell service ( but thank goodness that is returning back to normal too) or preserve my battery for emergencies.

On that note, I wanted to share some lessons from this weather event with you. I think this remains as one of several tragic yet significant events in history. My parents as they speak of Hurricane Gloria in the 70’s to their friends and relatives, I am flabbergasted and it seems as if history is repeating itself. The day after Sandra’s visit,  luckily, our home is still intact with minor debris, however, as we drive through a block to a neighboring town less that ten minutes away, the damage increases and I am speechless. I see boats detoured from the dock onto a driveway, a recently completed house that I see on a regular basis during my daily runs is missing the front.  It is ripped open and you can see the staircase, kitchen, and living room as vinyl panels decorate the park behind the house, the rail protecting the house from the water, and on the front yard.

Moments later my Mom’s cell phone inundates with pictures from her friends around what used to be a neighborhood. I am caught between shock and disbelief while scrolling through her pictures and as tears cascade down my face because I know it is worse. We try to infiltrate additional side streets but the National Guard and Army trucks fill every crevice surveying the area.  There are a few houses lifted off their foundation and lying on the streets, and the only items left are the cinder blocks accompanied by power lines and towers drowning in pools of water.

More trees on houses and everything seems surreal as the frenzy begins on gas lines ranging from two to fours and thank goodness we are blessed and prepared well in advance; but I feel horrible watching people in their cars form two miles worth( probably more by now) and others with multiple red oil cans waiting for their turn at the pump. As the days progress from day one to present day, curfews are instilled three towns over as helicopters buzz above with infrared to keep a watch and hopefully prevent looting. I write and cover events for (aside from working in the Corporate world) and I was supposed to be covering the annual NYC marathon and the Halloween Parade and both are cancelled; it is officially serious business.

So what did we learn that is the question? I learned that compassion, sympathy and patience remains active in humanity as it it tested under these severe circumstances.

2. I think these catastrophic events happen to bring us back to reality as to what is really important in life and it is not about the inability of sending a tweet, updating your FB status or complaining that you missed a game on television because of no power; they happen to test our ability to work together.

3. The basic necessities required for survival are food, water, and heat and light; not complaining that you missed out on a one day sale at the mall because the power was down (true story courtesy of a customer’s conversation with her sister as they stand on line waiting to pay for their candles). P.s. candles are the best invention since the Caller ID and sliced bread.

4. Sharing is caring. My mom offered to cook food for our neighbors since we have a grill. Additionally,during our small adventures we donated our used clothing to the fire department, and we saw other people sharing their generators with their neighbors (kudos indeed).

5. This event is a true reminder  that nature is a beast, but, material things are miscellaneous,  un-important and  can be easily replaced; as long as you are alive and your family remains intact as well, life is awesome. In conclusion, I am super grateful for everything and even more than before.

By: Laura.

Workaholic in training

Hello Universe,

I was working, and when I say this, it does not mean that I am stuck in an office building, subscribing to boredom while counting down the hours until I leave. “Work” refers to the late night engagement dedicated to personal projects that seem to find a megaphone and scream for my attention. If you are a new visitor/follower to this blog, here is a quick update. I recently surrendered to the reality and realized that my destiny in life is to become a writer and much more. I recently finished my second book and instead of seizing the moment to celebrate life with friends, I stayed home to dedicate some time to edit and all the fun stuff that comes with that new sense of reality. Currently, as the clock is kind enough to remind me that it is 3:15 am and though the only plans I have for Sunday are to conquer a six-mile running trail, maybe go to hot yoga in the late afternoon, and continue “working” on personal projects, I realize that  I am super hungry. Here are two options: go to sleep or feed the beast, aka gizmo, aka my stomach.

Since, I do not have epic responsibilities, eating is the best solution. I have  a huge craving for french fries,but lack the patience to donate the time to peel, cut, soak,  season, cook aka fry the potatoes, wait for them to cool down and then eat; I could always go to the local Bar/Restaurant down the road, but I think I missed their kitchen closing time deadline. So, the next best choice is making whole wheat spaghetti and add loads of veggies (thank goodness for those micro-waveable  steam-fresh veggie bags) mixed in with pre-cooked shrimp. P.s. I am a vegetarian who eats seafood (I guess I’m a pescetarian;  awesome right? And, there goes yet another label)  so this is a bit easier than waiting for meat to thaw, season, cook, blah blah blah and then eat.

As the flavors tango in the pan, I am thinking maybe this was a bad idea to eat this late, but I’m past the boiling point with the pasta(literally because that means it means almost ready) so now my taste buds are ignited and all I want to do is dig into this scrumptious short notice creation.  Gizmo( my stomach) performs flips as if it is auditioning for the Olympic gymnastics team. The food lands on a bowl and immediately,  I feel as if I am floating in heaven as I surrender to this food fest at  3:55am. I finish one serving and go for another, after all I am going running in a few hours and for you avid runners out there, you know the rule; carb load is essential  and I will use that as the excuse. I dedicate another hour editing two more sections until the rebel teenage birds start singing their morning anthem then it is time to retire to my sleeping throne; Goodnight Universe

By: Laura

If Momsy only knew

Hello Universe,

Everyday is Mother’s Day! My Mom, aka Momsy, is my wall of support and rock. And even though I’m under the illusion that I am grown up and remain capable of taking care of myself, she still does not know how much my heart grows for her. It is natural to try to prove yourself to your parents that you are independent after taking the right steps towards creating your own life. However, in this case I am creating a life to add more eccentric, spontaneous, fun, and interesting elements to my Mom’s life; buyer beware, my mom is capable of handling her own social life, but I want to give her more because she damn well deserves it.

If only Momsy knew when she tucks herself into the corner of the couch, while conveniently proclaiming her “” wearing her glasses and watching TV that is when her awesomeness shines through the most during her natural state. She sacrifices of her daily grind armed with best intentions to make home feel comfortable and welcoming is a motivation to work hard and reciprocate.

When Momsy, stresses over small things, and requests big dreams from the Universe, if only she knew I am listening and I wish to grant them for her. I admire her strength, presence, charisma, patience – a few things out of an infinite list that make her Super-Woman. Her aura, and sometimes wacky perception of life draws people to her and I’m always grateful for everything she does for everyone and myself.

If only Momsy knew that when she doubts herself, it is not because she lacks self-trust but because I know that she is scared to admit how strong she is as a person. If only she knew when she tells me to have confidence in all I do and never be afraid to “fly” and find my happiness in life, I want her to be my co-pilot and see the world with me as well.

If only the world knew how much I love this woman because words are not enough and can never be. She is a constant reminder that life is beautiful, worth living and makes the world easier to conquer. So Momsy, if you do not know or I have not told you lately, wanted to say thank you for all that you do; and if you never knew, I absolutely love everything about you.

By: Laura M. 

You are a Fitness Junkie because…

You go with your friend to her writing class coincidentally in an office building reaching twenty floors; even though her class is on the fifteenth floor you use the extra two and half hours to channel the inner Dora the Explorer “discovery” skills. Additionally, you decide to do squats between floors.

You wish and throw crystals in the wind hoping your friend gets that promotion at the tallest building downtown.  The excitement is partially for your friend, but you know if she lands the job it comes with a ton of perks including free guest passes to the company gym;  technically that makes you a guest.

When you drive into NYC, you purposely avoid an abundance of  parking garages like the bubonic plague and park twenty-five blocks from your destination. You use the excuse that you want to “sight see” and today of all days you decided to wear high heels. While your friends mock you because they are wiser and brought sneakers or flats with them, you justify by saying, “well my calves could use some work.”

When you deliberately leave the house, work, or venue with less than ample to get to the train. Logically, it does not make sense, but to satisfy the inner athlete you surrender to inducing adrenaline you do this on purpose so it will give you an excuse to run. You arrive at the platform and inside the train, perspiring, and welcome a pat on the back for a job well done.

You indulge in junk food just for the hell of it, however, you have a play date with a friend in Central Park the next day so the walking will balance the excess consumption; and besides you can always blame the cravings on your monthly visitor.

When you are invited to a getaway, the first items in your weekend bag are your running sneakers, and enough workout  attired for the days ahead; after all who needs evening casual wear or other things.

You miss out on the first round of events occurring in the morning because you decided to add an extra three miles to your morning run. Additionally, as you read through missed calls and texts, you remain oblivious and blame other people for their mis-understanding of your active lifestyle.

After a heavy girls night out while your friends babysit their hangover, all you can think  about is the hill around the corner awaiting your conquest. In between the sobering  stages, you utilize the remaining energy before  your short slumber ahead, to set the alarm, and meticulously  arrange your clothes to run in a couple of hours.

The last reason that you are a self titled fitness junkie, is because you feel awesome, accomplished and strong like Super Woman;  if people cannot deal with it, too bad.

By: Laura.

Extinguishing the Chaos @ Times Square NY

Hello Universe,

Happy August and I hope the month is starting off on a good foot.  Is it crazy to proclaim that I  seek peace in the middle of  Times Square, NY? If you have never experienced this chaotic web of entertainment, then you are in for a treat. However, on a different note, some, including myself find it inspiring and a in weird way an alternate method of meditation. O,k., I know what you are thinking, the lights, endless choirs of honking cabs, the abundance of strangers, including tourists, businesses, etc. How is it possible to find the moment of  Zen? Well as eccentric as it seems this is the truth; I am attracted to the lights and noises like a moth to a flame.  Perhaps it is a way of temporarily justifying and cracking the whip on the madness that exists upstairs. On rare occasions I feel the rush of excessive thoughts are battling one another for attention and release as if they are on a speed race on the Autobahn. The crossing guard decided to escape on her duties without notice all ideas, aspirations, rejections, opinions are running the show.

In lieu of prematurely indulging in their existence, I go to Times Square to find solace. As I walk towards the lights and spontaneous, unexpected events occurring, there is a source of relief that showers over me. It is as if my mind knows that this is the place that will help re-group, calm the engines, and place everything in an assembly line order for the next phase. While seated on the marble slates, I feel as if I am existing however at a completely different paradigm than the current reality sequence. My mind is no longer in a fight but it is operating on a level known as the PRESENT. The usual questions that desire and require immediate attention pertaining to the Who? What? Where? When? Why, and How and the subcategories in between are answered without struggle. I’m not cuckoo, but I read somewhere that the brain streams between 15-60,000 thoughts daily. I cannot confirm the accuracy of this given information, however, it is easy to  comprehend the monotonous  static inspiring this post. So, why do I go to Times Square in lieu of perhaps a spa, one on one love affair stroll with nature, or enroll in a yoga class? They are all great sources of re-igniting the inner Chi, however, Times Square  compels you to realize that your concoctions of problems, worries, insecurities, fears, etc, are minuscule to those who parade through your peripheral. Well, until next time, find knowledge and light, be yourself and shine bright.

Yours Truly,