I am speechless

Hello Universe,

It seems once more I am neglecting my obligations to blog on a daily basis, and even though we are all busy, this is a promise I try to maintain. Nonetheless, a few good things have happened since the the last couple of weeks.

 In another  news,  I went out to celebrate with friends and we met some dudes and we started a good conversation. Here is the script:

Dude: “So where are you from? You seem to have an accent.”

Me:  “I’m from Kenya but I have not been back in a while, so I think my accent is extinct,”  we both laugh.

Dude: “Wow Kenya, I have never been to Asia.”

Me:  I laugh and reply ” Umm do you mean Africa?”

Dude: ” I’m pretty sure Kenya is in Asia.”

I smiled and coincidentally my friend overheard our convo and I didn’t know what do or say. I wanted to correct him once again but I couldn’t stop laughing. Holly s**t; I mean really.  My question is what would you do?

By: Laura .