What is this place?

Welcome Back Love.

I started this blog because the continuous  train of unfiltered blurbs, thoughts, and random kinetic energy cried out for an escape route and this is the result. I wanted to create a virtual playground to dissect happy, funny, wild and random moments that encompass life including dating, relationships, and Sex (Yup it’s happening). Also, I will be including reviewed articles from awesome events attended. If you have a suggestion for a possible topic, please feel free to contribute your thoughts and I will do my best to honor the subject with integrity and have fun with it.

My Promise (s) to you:

1. Provide random entertainment

2. Give others a chance to appear as a guest blogger

3.  Be real.

4. Tweet/FB recent posts.

5. A Hall Pass inside my brain.

6. Reply to your comments.

7. Have fun.

8. Allow your wonderful minds to shine through.

9. Cross the line.

10. Create continuous, unique and awesome content that fluffs your feathers.

Political debates/ Reality Show Drama/ Negative situations are accessible via the “Trash can” category.

If you are offended here are two solutions:  1. Relocate to a new URL address. 2. Stay, go with the flow, and have fun with it (personal recommendation).

Is it possible to keep 100% of all visitors? Yes because everyone is different and where one person objects another will approve. I am not perfect, or normal, nor am I chasing to claim that status. The only request I ask is please play nice with one another. I remain in deep gratitude for the authenticity in your presence, comments, and suggetions. Please feel free to share posts of interest with your Universe – mi (.com) y su (.com).  Get some popcorn, perhaps a sandwich,  grab an adult beverage if you must and are of legal age, sit back and enjoy 😀


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