2014 NYC Pride Week: We are One

2014 NYC Pride: We are One
2014 NYC Pride: We are One
“Live your life, live your life, let the love inside. It’s your life, it’s your life, your beauty’s deep inside – inside you. Don’t let them bring you down,” (Chris Brown, 2011).What a perfect song to kick off the 2014 NYC Pride Week. One of the most highly anticipated events that accumulates incredible attention visitors, worldwide. That said, since your writer attended Pride last year and had so much fun, it seemed right to do it again in 2014.This year’s theme was “we are one,” and you know what?Yes, we are.
Since NYC legalized same sex marriage a couple of years ago, things are becoming much easier for the struggle in equal rights, this year’s Pride Week was all about celebration- and let’s just say we couldn’t get enough from June 24-29th.Family night was the beginning followed by the Rally on June 27th, and Click Fridays. June 28th was a treat for everyone- VIP Rooftop for the fellas and the Teaze for the ladies – oh yeah and let’s not forget the We Party event happening, as well.

 The next and last day was June 29th and it was a barrel full of great things simultaneously occurring including Pride Fest, the March and of course the finale, dance on the Pier.

This year’s Grand Marshals were: Laverne Cox, Rea Carey, and Jonathan Groff. If you missed it– so sad to hear, however, here are some refresher images for your enjoyment.

A few hours later spent walking down Fifth avenue all the way downtown, it was time to head down to Pier 26, at Hudson River Park for the final show.Similar to last year, the weather was perfect, everyone’s spirit was in sync and it was awesome. In 2013, Deborah Cox headlined for Cher and this year Demi Lovato gave a great performance after DJ Grind warmed up the crowd.Still hungry for images? Check these out from Demi’s performance. Is envy and/or any regret of not attending hitting you yet?
In conclusion, it was beyond great to be part of this event yet again. It’s hard enough as human beings traveling through this world trying to figure out who we are as individuals as we dive into this convoluted expedition called life – all with out an instruction manual, by the way.
The only thing we should be chasing is pure freedom in finding internal happiness to be who we are – whether you’re straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender and love is another example of true fulfillment. It’s all about connecting and accepting diversity, regardless of your gender and/or race preference – because, we are one – and this is the true meaning of pride. On that note, we will see you next year.
By: LA
 Twitter: @Lauraslifeonink

2014 BNP Paribas Showdown: Racketeering permitted

world tennis day 2014 257x300 BNP Paribas Showdown: Racketeering Permitted

It’s always an awesome feeling when a random Monday night ends with watching phenomenal tennis superstars battle it out in Madison Square Garden. That’s right – we returned back to the Garden and it was everything we asked for -plus more.

Okay here is the quick rundown for those who are not familiar with the BNP Paribas Showdown. It’s exactly that- a showdown between the world’s best Tennis players and this time we were lucky enough to attend the event during World Tennis Day. That said let’s get on with the Showdown.

Similar to almost any event, there is usually a headliner and this time around was a very surprising match between two very different sets of brothers: Bob and Mike Bryan playing against John and Patrick McEnroe.As the players take on the court it is business time – well sort of.

If you are a tennis enthusiast as your writer, we all know tennis is fun and if John McEnroe decides to flip out – well let’s say it adds a little special spice to the game. John had spoken out a few months ago on his stance on playing doubles, however, it was great to see him let loose and have fun. Though we are certain guests kind of hoped he would lose his edge during this match and sadly he didn’t we were ecstatic to watch him and Patrick take on the Bryan Brothers – even though Bob and Mike won with a score of 8-3 – and of course celebrated with their signature chest bumps.

Moments later the Garden erupts in an uproar as the six time Grand Slam winner -Novak Djokovic marches out to take on Olympic Gold Medalist and 2013 Wimbledon champion – Andy Murray. As this is the first time for both players to take on the venue, they both did exceptionally well.

In the middle of the matches, both players highlighted their light-hearted sense of humor. Djokovic decided to drop down and do some push-ups, they both switched playing one another and were replaced by different players including Marion Bartoli. Of course a showdown is not complete without the two players taking selfies of another -the whole thing was a great way to show their playful side.

The crowd cheered for Andy Murray for the win, however, Djokovic beat him fair and square with a score of 6-3, 7-6 (2) – not bad at all.

Overall it was another great experience at the Garden and as usual Tennis is a beautiful sport that makes us anticipate the warmer climate more, so it can receive the attention it deserves. If you are Tennis fan and/or are visiting New York around this time, we highly recommend attending this event in the future. Now, all we can do is begin the countdown for other great Tennis events throughout the season.

By: Laura Artis

T: @Lauraslifeonink

Lights, Camera, Dinner and Drinks…

NH5 exterior 300x199 Lights, Camera, Dinner and Drinks... UpstairsLobby1 300x199 Lights, Camera, Dinner and Drinks...

Remember the days when we used to go to drive through cinemas followed by indoor theatres? Currently it seems that epic venues such as the Imax experience is the ultimate movie going thrill. However, do not settle yet, because just when you think you have seen them all, along comes the Nitehawk Cinema; an exquisite movie experience worth checking out.

A little hidden secret tucked away in Williamsburg, Brooklyn established in 2011 is the next stop to watch a movie, order drinks and eat dinner  all in one place.

UpstairsLobby3 150x105 Lights, Camera, Dinner and Drinks... UpstairsLobby2 150x105 Lights, Camera, Dinner and Drinks...

How does this work? Well you walk in, purchase a ticket for the intended movie, after you nestle in your seat,  feel free to order delicious food and cocktails, and sit back and enjoy while everything is served right at your chair.

Nitehawk Cinemas also offers “Beer, Dinner and Movie Nights,” where dinner is served and paired with local Brooklyn brewskies; other specials include “The Works,” “Country Brunchin, and “Live + Sound+ Camera.

Calling all Simpsons fans, on Monday nights the theater offers a “Simpsons club” for your pleasure.

TheaterOne 300x199 Lights, Camera, Dinner and Drinks...

 If you want to feed your nostalgic movie night fever, then check out their calendar for some cool, interesting, one-of-a kind monthly events.  NiteHawk synchronizes their specials to cater to the theme of the featured screening event; perhaps this could be a place worth considering to host a special future and personal event.

The Rules:

  1. Arrive at least thirty to forty five minutes early to ensure you get a seat, because they operate on a first come first serve basis.

  2. If you arrive early, then you can partake in a pre-show or indulge in a couple of cocktails by the lobby before showtime

  3. Hold onto your ticket. The servers will periodically check your ticket when you order food and beverages.

  4. Guests can order anytime throughout the movie.

Even though it seems as if Brooklyn is a forgotten part of NY, after visiting the NiteHawk you will not be disappointed.

 By Laura M. Artis.

 T: @Lauraslifeonink.

Acqua Santa

Acqua Santa 300x201 Acqua Santa

I wish I lived in Brooklyn equipped with a lump sum of loot and sufficient time to test out every hidden nook and cranny downtown. However, until then this time around it was a pleasure to meet with my mom and a few other friends at Acqua Santa, translated in Italian it means “Holy Water.”

If the ambiance of the indoor patio setting surrounded by an abundance of lights and greenery does not hold your attention, then I would hope the food and service would suffice.

Once again the greedy button begged to order everything on the plate, but we shared a couple of appetizers including the Insalate Frutti Di Mare (aka seafood remix) smothered in delicious raspberry vinaigrette, and Calamaretti in Padela.  Additional orders included the Salmone in Salsa D’arancia; which sounds and tastes like an edible piece of delicious poetry.

The service is great and you feel as if you are eating dinner somewhere in Europe thanks to the soft lounge music echoing from the wall speakers. After dinner, we indulge in a couple of glasses of red wine and sadly it is time to go as the place picks up speed.

P.s. I forgot to mention the brunch and if  subsequent weekends are kind enough with miscellaneous social events, this would be another reason for a double dosage of Acqua Santa.

Twitter: @Lauraslifeoink.

Westminster Dog Show: Woof woof

And the winner is… (drum roll)

Banana Joe 200x300 2013 Westminster Dog Show

2013 Winner.

Banana Joe! The Affenpinscher  is chosen as 2013′s Best in Show, an exciting annual event where visitors flock to Madison Square Garden to share their love for dogs and cheer on their favorite pooch to victory. However, aside from the preliminaries and other events simultaneously occurring within the two days, the finale is the main attraction where the Best in Show is selected.

 Since 1877, dogs of varying sizes and breeds have taken their place to compete to become the Best in Show. When you have such an abundant array of choices to select from, it is fair to say that all contestants should be ready to put their best paw forward. Day one at the Garden is quite a sight to see as an influx of people jam against the ticket counters while others collect programs at the entrance and make their way up the many escalators to their seats. As we settle in, a surge of excitement surrounds the venue and immediately after we hear the National Anthem- it’s showtime. The dogs wobble in and take their places by their appropriate platforms and the crowd erupts in an uproar.

 There are seven categories and one winner is chosen from each and later progresses to the next day. Most, if not all, annual canine competition events lead up to this moment considered the Grammies- no Oscars, perhaps even bigger, the Olympics of Dog Events. Each participant is judged by appearance, gait (also referred to as movement), attitude and temperament, and obedience. Additional criteria include height, weight, appearance of coat, overall hygiene and maintenance and the color of the eyes and ears and the shape in relation to the specific breed and how well they “stack.”

Stacking is performed when the dog appears before the judge and the forelegs are aligned in a ninety degree position along its withers; as if proclaiming, “I am showing you my best.” On the first day, four groups take the stage and below are the winners in order and relation to their category, breed, and respectful names.

Hound- American Foxhound: “Pandora’s Box.”

2013 hound winner1 300x199 2013 Westminster Dog Show

Toy group- Affenpinscher: “Banana Joe.”

2013 toy winner 300x199 2013 Westminster Dog Show

Non- Sporting- Bichons Frises: “Vogelflight’s Honor to pillow talk.”

2013 nonsporting winner 300x199 2013 Westminster Dog Show

Non Sporting Winner

Herding-Old English Sheepdog: “Bugapoos Picture Perfect.”

2013 herding winner 300x199 2013 Westminster Dog Show

Herding Winner

The second day, the Garden doubles with incoming guests as we await the selected winners from the last three divisions of the competition. After the favorites are selected from the remainder of the list mentioned below, all participants make their way to the sidelines, the lights dim, spotlights rotate around the crowd, and loud cheers pierce from the crowd.

Sporting- Pointer(Germain Wirehaired): “ Mt. View’s Ripsnortersilvercharm.”

2013 sporting winner 300x217 2013 Westminster Dog Show

Sporting Winner

Working- Portugese Waterdog: “Clairecreek Impression De Matisse.”

2013 working winner 1 300x199 2013 Westminster Dog Show

Working Winner

Terrier- Fox terrier(Smooth): “Slyfox Sneaks a Peek.”

2013 terrier winner 300x199 2013 Westminster Dog Show

Terrier Winner

 In the far end a wave starts perhaps to cure boredom or to ignite the anticipation of the new winner. A round of applause smashes through as the judges step onto the middle of the floor.

 This is it, one lucky pup is about to meet their destiny!

 After a few nail biting moments, the officials walk alongside the chosen few and award a new winner, Banana Joe, the Affenpinscher from the toy group. Cameras flicker with strobe-like flashes, applause rumbles around as the winner poses for his paparazzi next to its owner.  Overall, it was a great experience, and if you are visiting New York around February this time next year, try and get tickets and be part of the magic.

Twitter: @Lauraslifeonink

Kick Ass Art: Jason Borbay.

Sutton Place at Twilight Painting by Borbay 300x297 Jason Borbay presents: Kick Ass Art Exhibit

Monet, Picasso, Manet, Van Gogh, are examples of great artists, and once you think you know them all, along comes Jason Borbay. A native New Yorker, Jason is the newest artist in town creating buzz and earning infinite rounds of applause and recognition in worldwide publications for his amazing artwork. It was an awesome moment to catch up with Jason at his Kick Ass Art Exhibit held at Wix Lounge in Union Square. Echoes of laughter, excitement, endless conversations pierced through the elevator while ascending to the appropriate floor.

The doors swing open and every square inch of the walls are covered with Jason’s creations and his dear supporters. So here is the scoop in case you are wondering what makes Jason stand out from the rest. Jason’s use of the canvas is unlike anything ever manifested while incorporating collages and embeds exquisite detail in each piece. However, pay attention and do not be afraid to scrutinize each lapel, set of lips, ears, clothing, in each piece because it’s incredible how he utilizes cool objects for each item.

Jason is known for painting famous people in the spotlight include Uma Thurman, Johnny Depp, Justin Theroux, Jay Z, Morgan Freeman and much more and he is a master at his craft. During the exhibit, spending an abundance of time viewing one portrait before moving on to the next is common. His fan base gathers around to wait for their turn to experience the showcase and appreciate the work via different vantage points.

Additionally, to the naked eye it seems easy as pie, however, Jason confesses some of his work consumes and ranges from eight days to an entire month for the finished product. Jason has been featured in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and remains humble while mingling with guests that continue to pour in masses. It is highly recommended to experience Jason’s work in person if possible and for more information on his upcoming appearances check out his website: http://www.borbay.com/

Twitter: @Lauraslifeonink


Sayonara Football Season

Hello Universe,

O.k., first, a big Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens for winning SuperBowl 2013. Now, let us get down to the nitty gritty, I permanently checked out and promised to boycott this year’s SuperBowl if the Giant’s did not win, however, aside from  watching Soccer, Tennis, Golf  the NYC Marathon, Football revs up the engines unlike any other sport. However, since it is SuperBowl, the end of an era until the pre-season begins once in about six months, the peer pressure gained momentum as the day started. Therefore, it was only fair to join my friends at Bourbon Street, NYC aside from staying home  to watch the Ravens vs 49’ers battle it out for the Lombardi Trophy.

The game goes well and Beyonce blasts through her performance during the Half-time Show without any wardrobe malfunctions (phew), it is still a sad moment when Football season ends. The energy is great and even though the crowd goes crazy over the temporary “lights off” situation it was a great decision to come out in the frigid cold to celebrate the long journey from the beginning of the season to this moment. As the clock counts down to the last play, patrons, and avid fans erupt in total happiness and some disappointments but just like anything in life, the Ravens gave it their all.

Therefore, the round of applause goes to Bourbon Street, NYC for keeping the peace, providing epic and endless entertainment and reminding us that regardless of whatever team you choose, you can always count on NYC to make any night, awesome.

By: Laura M. Artis.

Working Women

Joyce Theater
175 8th Avenue (on Eighteenth Street)
{212} 691-9740
Website: http://www.joyce.org



The Joyce Theater, a cozy, and intimate venue snuggled on eighteenth street on the west end of Manhattan is the setting to experience the production and magic of dance titled Working Women and as we nestle into our seats and browse through the Playbill, the vicinity quiets down and the crimson red curtains rise. The projector beams images onto the backstage and a short skit begins with two women carrying a stage prop across Manhattan on the way to the theater.

Moments later the two women emerge from backstage onto the main stage and the audience greets them with echoes of applause. The two performers set the tone for the remainder of the show by kicking off with an action packed, energetic, fun, and comical, dancing performance.

Life, love, art, inspiration, and free movement interpreted through the production of eight dance companies including and not limited to the Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company, Loni Landon Projects, and Janis Brenner and Dancers and many others are the motivation behind this incredible collaboration.

Dancing is a freeing experience and regardless of its sub-categorization to modern, contemporary, tap, jazz, ballet and or other combinations forms a bonding experience for everyone and feeds the desire to bring people together. Additionally, it livens up the soul while celebrating and liberating the sensation of expression without boundaries.

At the end of the show, the choreographers met on stage to answer questions from guests and shared the journey leading up to this moment and the dance industry as well. Working Women is a great, nonstop, fun-filled show and a must see if you have a chance to experience it in the future.

By: Laura M. Artis

Global Fest Mania

Global Fest
@Webster Hall
125 East 11th Street (between 3rd & 4th Ave)
New York, NY 10003
Telephone: {212} 353-1600
Website: http://www.websterhall.com

Making plans for a Sunday night can be hard. How about spending the night with a robust list of worldwide entertainers at Webster Hall? A couple of friends and I recently headed over to the iconic venue to attend Global Fest. We entered the first floor and immediately  felt the vibrations echoing from the crowd as the first  musical groups conquered the stage. We found seats upstairs in the balcony located on the third floor; the perfect bird’s-eye view. The presenters arrived and introduced each group and/or soloists and camera flashes repeatedly flickered. The only minor speed bump was   juggling between all three floors of the venue to embrace all of the attendees.

The Global Fest roster included tunes from Mali, Iran, Turkey,  Lo’Jo from France, and La Shica from Spain. The audience was transported to Zimbabwe with a delightful set from Oliver Mtukudzi and the Black Spirits, across the international borders  to Canada with A Tribe called Red and back to the States with bands like La Santa Cecilia. Additional melodies from The Stooges Brass Band  provided the crowd with a taste of New Orleans.  Mucca Pazza’s cluster of band members dressed in old school costumes topped  my personal favorites list of the night.  Besides music, the night was filled with cheerleaders carrying bright enormous pom-poms, balloons floating in the air, bubbles, cartwheels, and headstands- you can’t make this stuff up, but  its the definition of  New York madness.

The music and artists at this event were  an incredible  force that  brought lots of people together  to share in one phenomenal experience.  I enthusiastically anticipate repeating Global Fest in 2014.

By: Laura M. Artis.

Unraveling New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year Universe

I wish everyone an abundance of success and happiness in all you do plus more in 2013. And since this is the new year, I’m sure some of you are scrambling to the last minute (if you have not already done so) to make resolutions and I hope some of you are on your way to achieving them. This blog is quite special and was motivated by the premiere of “Biggest Loser,” and the return of my favorite trainer on the show- Jillian Michaels. I used to be a trainer and that show and all the trainers on there, just motivate the hell out my life.  So, I thought why not pay it forward and offer some ways to become more fit (mentally, physically, and spiritually)  this year and most importantly how to stick to your resolutions.

Personally, resolutions can dive into the deep abyss where they belong as far as I’m concerned because unless you truly commit to make a difference in your life, making broken promises is not a good way to jump-start a new year. So here are a few tips on how to stay focused on your goals in order to manifest them into the real world.

1.Be realistic. O.k. as soon as Jan 1st begins I hope we all have Grand Canyon-sized dreams, however, just know there are baby steps necessary to conquer before we reach the main goal. For example, you want to buy a new car, or house or want to go on a trip for two in Dominican Republic for your friends’ birthday. At the same time reality sets in that your neighbors kids have more money in their piggy banks and you  have less than zero in your bank account because you are swimming in debt; so chances are those desires could remain on the wish list for a while.

2. Start Small. There are two five star, VIP  goals that the majority of people make during the ring of any new year and they are: lose weight and make more money. Be aware both are attainable and unless you win the lotto or get promoted to CEO, CFO and other fancy titles (make more $$) and then use some your winnings and get lipo (lose weight) , those only exist in a perfect world. However, in reality,  you need a full proof plan and tons of perseverance to make them a reality. Start with a daily goal, then move up to weekly, monthly which cliff dives to epic annual goals.

3. Go for it without regrets and cut the cord on excuses and or crutches. This is one of the ultimate tools necessary to make all your wishes come true. After the lists, and the promises that you make with your family members and friends, the only person that matters is YOU. You need to commit, and cut the cord, actually sever all excuses on why you cannot do something. I promise once you stop making excuses and playing the victim of circumstances, life unravels and opens up in such a way that will exceed your wildest expectations.

Additionally, one last thing as you continue to make 2013 your best year yet, stay positive, hopeful and optimistic at all times. Even though things might detour in an unexpected path, keep going, stay focused on the target and go for the jugular. Once again I wish everyone a Happy New Year and much more success in everything you do in life.

By: Laura M. Artis.

I am speechless

Hello Universe,

It seems once more I am neglecting my obligations to blog on a daily basis, and even though we are all busy, this is a promise I try to maintain. Nonetheless, a few good things have happened since the the last couple of weeks.

 In another  news,  I went out to celebrate with friends and we met some dudes and we started a good conversation. Here is the script:

Dude: “So where are you from? You seem to have an accent.”

Me:  “I’m from Kenya but I have not been back in a while, so I think my accent is extinct,”  we both laugh.

Dude: “Wow Kenya, I have never been to Asia.”

Me:  I laugh and reply ” Umm do you mean Africa?”

Dude: ” I’m pretty sure Kenya is in Asia.”

I smiled and coincidentally my friend overheard our convo and I didn’t know what do or say. I wanted to correct him once again but I couldn’t stop laughing. Holly s**t; I mean really.  My question is what would you do?

By: Laura .

Lessons from Sandy

Hello Universe,

First before we attack the nitty-gritty, I want to send out my prayers and thoughts to all families and people affected by Hurricane Sandra and I hope you are maintaining as best you can under the circumstances; hang in there and stay positive as things will get better. Additionally, I am offering my apologies as I promised to blog on a daily basis, however, since we lost power, (but now restored) I tried my best to log on via my cell phone but I had to decide between walking four blocks from my house to receive choppy cell service ( but thank goodness that is returning back to normal too) or preserve my battery for emergencies.

On that note, I wanted to share some lessons from this weather event with you. I think this remains as one of several tragic yet significant events in history. My parents as they speak of Hurricane Gloria in the 70’s to their friends and relatives, I am flabbergasted and it seems as if history is repeating itself. The day after Sandra’s visit,  luckily, our home is still intact with minor debris, however, as we drive through a block to a neighboring town less that ten minutes away, the damage increases and I am speechless. I see boats detoured from the dock onto a driveway, a recently completed house that I see on a regular basis during my daily runs is missing the front.  It is ripped open and you can see the staircase, kitchen, and living room as vinyl panels decorate the park behind the house, the rail protecting the house from the water, and on the front yard.

Moments later my Mom’s cell phone inundates with pictures from her friends around what used to be a neighborhood. I am caught between shock and disbelief while scrolling through her pictures and as tears cascade down my face because I know it is worse. We try to infiltrate additional side streets but the National Guard and Army trucks fill every crevice surveying the area.  There are a few houses lifted off their foundation and lying on the streets, and the only items left are the cinder blocks accompanied by power lines and towers drowning in pools of water.

More trees on houses and everything seems surreal as the frenzy begins on gas lines ranging from two to fours and thank goodness we are blessed and prepared well in advance; but I feel horrible watching people in their cars form two miles worth( probably more by now) and others with multiple red oil cans waiting for their turn at the pump. As the days progress from day one to present day, curfews are instilled three towns over as helicopters buzz above with infrared to keep a watch and hopefully prevent looting. I write and cover events for NewYorkEvents.co (aside from working in the Corporate world) and I was supposed to be covering the annual NYC marathon and the Halloween Parade and both are cancelled; it is officially serious business.

So what did we learn that is the question? I learned that compassion, sympathy and patience remains active in humanity as it it tested under these severe circumstances.

2. I think these catastrophic events happen to bring us back to reality as to what is really important in life and it is not about the inability of sending a tweet, updating your FB status or complaining that you missed a game on television because of no power; they happen to test our ability to work together.

3. The basic necessities required for survival are food, water, and heat and light; not complaining that you missed out on a one day sale at the mall because the power was down (true story courtesy of a customer’s conversation with her sister as they stand on line waiting to pay for their candles). P.s. candles are the best invention since the Caller ID and sliced bread.

4. Sharing is caring. My mom offered to cook food for our neighbors since we have a grill. Additionally,during our small adventures we donated our used clothing to the fire department, and we saw other people sharing their generators with their neighbors (kudos indeed).

5. This event is a true reminder  that nature is a beast, but, material things are miscellaneous,  un-important and  can be easily replaced; as long as you are alive and your family remains intact as well, life is awesome. In conclusion, I am super grateful for everything and even more than before.

By: Laura.

Museum Of Sex

233 Fifth Ave @ 27th Street
New York, NY 10016
Tel: {212} 689-6337
Hours of Operation: Sun-Thurs 10am-p.m; Friday –Sat 10am-9pm
Website: http://www.museumofsex.com


Hello New Yorkers and visitors alike, the title above is not a typo; we are exposing the pleasure principle and taboos. Before we proceed, I hope you, the readers meet the age requirements to read this and or attend the Museum. Then again, I promise this is not your typical in depth review as some would desire it to be; but for the sake of maintaining integrity of covering the Museum of Sex, it is up to you to feed your curiosity if you dare. This is a very interesting landmark, in New York, rest assured, life shines in a different light after your first visit. After meeting with a friend halfway on the street while walking on a mission towards another destination, it is easy to blame the distractions from the lights temporarily detouring our plans. After a few moments of tango dancing between whether or not to pursue forward, the final decision was clear; get over the pre-assumptions and step in.


While looking behind at the doors and around, and walking to the register, I recited a quick emergency plan in case the cover was blown. The sales clerk directed the way to the exhibit and panic set in but remained ready to accept our temporary surroundings. A sigh of relief washes and calms the anxiety as we walk through an organized set of images, captions, and un-filtered videos; it is not as bad as it seems. My friend and I separate between the two floors and afterwards meet downstairs at the OralFix Bar to exchange notes of our experience, and other unexplained personal moments. The bar offers tantalizing aphrodisiac finger food and beverages ranging from shots, sodas, and wine, composed of natural elements that spark up the internal sexual flame. You can plan your visit according to the calendar of events, or just walk in. You never know, this could ignite the mood for the remainder of the day or night, or you might learn something, or both.

If you want to experience more cool events click NewYorkEvents.co for a great reading experience.

By: Laura M. Artis.

Nuyorican Poet Café.

236 East 3rd Street; Between Ave B & C

New York, NY 10009

Tel: {212} 780-9386

Website: http://www.nuyorican.org

There are many reasons why I love New York, and after spontaneously attending the Nuyorican Poet Café  after surrendering to satisfy the curiosity as to why masses of people lined up by the venue. My friend and I did not have further plans so we thought this would be a worthwhile adventure. We finally entered and took our places on a table by the wall, and settled in with adult beverages before the show begun. The headliners finished their performance warming up and watched poets take the stage and prepare for “Slam Night.” This is how it works, two artists “battle” by slamming down la crème of la crème of poetry, monologue or a short, yet humorous “slam.” The competitor reciprocates and as the crowd cheers on, that determines who moves onto to the next stage with another person until the final round.

Artists visiting from Baltimore, Miami, Chicago, and worldwide look forward to the event that only happens on Wednesday and Friday nights. Mondays are Open Mic, Thursday night dares to sizzle the auditory senses and offers different variations of Latin Jazz composed of a wide range of musicians who assemble in one place to seal harmony and provide unique entertainment. The place is a bit small, however, that does not matter because fun has yet to define boundaries. Nuyorican Poet Café offers reasonable membership packages for students and non-students; if the membership deals are not for you, there is the choice of paying a nominal fee at the door. It is a relaxed and casual environment; therefore, if you choose to indulge, rest assure you do not have to feel pressured to be trendy .The only thing you need is a good sidekick, luck if you dare to slam, and an open mind to receive poetry in motion.

If you are interested in more cool NY events click on: NewYorkEvents.co

By: Laura M. Artis.

Workaholic in training

Hello Universe,

I was working, and when I say this, it does not mean that I am stuck in an office building, subscribing to boredom while counting down the hours until I leave. “Work” refers to the late night engagement dedicated to personal projects that seem to find a megaphone and scream for my attention. If you are a new visitor/follower to this blog, here is a quick update. I recently surrendered to the reality and realized that my destiny in life is to become a writer and much more. I recently finished my second book and instead of seizing the moment to celebrate life with friends, I stayed home to dedicate some time to edit and all the fun stuff that comes with that new sense of reality. Currently, as the clock is kind enough to remind me that it is 3:15 am and though the only plans I have for Sunday are to conquer a six-mile running trail, maybe go to hot yoga in the late afternoon, and continue “working” on personal projects, I realize that  I am super hungry. Here are two options: go to sleep or feed the beast, aka gizmo, aka my stomach.

Since, I do not have epic responsibilities, eating is the best solution. I have  a huge craving for french fries,but lack the patience to donate the time to peel, cut, soak,  season, cook aka fry the potatoes, wait for them to cool down and then eat; I could always go to the local Bar/Restaurant down the road, but I think I missed their kitchen closing time deadline. So, the next best choice is making whole wheat spaghetti and add loads of veggies (thank goodness for those micro-waveable  steam-fresh veggie bags) mixed in with pre-cooked shrimp. P.s. I am a vegetarian who eats seafood (I guess I’m a pescetarian;  awesome right? And, there goes yet another label)  so this is a bit easier than waiting for meat to thaw, season, cook, blah blah blah and then eat.

As the flavors tango in the pan, I am thinking maybe this was a bad idea to eat this late, but I’m past the boiling point with the pasta(literally because that means it means almost ready) so now my taste buds are ignited and all I want to do is dig into this scrumptious short notice creation.  Gizmo( my stomach) performs flips as if it is auditioning for the Olympic gymnastics team. The food lands on a bowl and immediately,  I feel as if I am floating in heaven as I surrender to this food fest at  3:55am. I finish one serving and go for another, after all I am going running in a few hours and for you avid runners out there, you know the rule; carb load is essential  and I will use that as the excuse. I dedicate another hour editing two more sections until the rebel teenage birds start singing their morning anthem then it is time to retire to my sleeping throne; Goodnight Universe

By: Laura

Lady Luck is a Whore

The night kicks off at the Studio Theater located in Times Square and after retrieving the tickets, ascending the escalator to the third floor, rustling around and finding comfort, the enthusiastic anticipation remains restless for the show to begin. A few minutes later the lights re-appear, as you are cordially invited to witness Leanne Linsky’s fun filled, random and entertaining former life in Las Vegas before relocating to the Big Apple.  While seated on a chair, she plucks at her ukulele and introduces her presence with a catchy and melodious monologue and it goes something like this:

“Shouldn’t we all get a long like Rodney King, and like MLK, we should all have a dream? And, then there’s Ted Kaczynski who goes to extremes. Then there was Shannon who picked on me, she was a big bowl of bully potpourri, living in fear was a guarantee, I’m telling you she was a big, humongous a**h***. Then Shannon died and the future not so bleak, I can wake up in the morning and look forward to my week. They say her daddy issues made her special and unique, let’s call a spade a spade she was an a**h***.

However, a big barrel of caution though before you subscribe to the madness that exists, Leanne dishes out the dirt in an unfiltered, clever and well thought out manner  while providing endless humor as we ping pong between the past and present stages and events of life. Additionally, in the interim the audience shares moments of enlightenment with Leanne while adding levity as she proclaims a call for help and seeks answers with an omnipotent power above. Leanne allows us to partake in her personal odyssey while working at a gun store, undergoing not one but two divorces, her “first time,” and the transitions in between relationships and friendships that bring her to the current reality as a New Yorker.

The performance rides through the joys, shocking disappointments, highs and lows that we experience and sometimes take for granted that their presence are presented to highlight important lessons to prevent repeating them in the future. Additionally, her performance is the consequence of following her heart and pursuing her acting career as she renders a “farewell to Corporate America,” as this promotes a magnitude of cheers and courage from one creative person to another. In conclusion, this was a great masterpiece and it would be more than an honor to attend Leanne’s future performances.

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By: Laura M. Artis

Almost Love with Marcus Goldhaber

All forms of music are portals of sharing our lives and matters of the heart with the world. We use music to celebrate moments of this wonderful gift called life; and regardless of the source via instruments or singing, music is a source that motivates, enlightens, and entertains the soul and mind. Additionally, it highlights a new perspective on life experienced through another person’s craft and this is what Marcus Goldhaber does best. An actor turned singer, Marcus ignites a fresher, upbeat, and different vibration to your traditional jazz genre and describes performing like a perfect marriage. A week prior to his third CD release: Almost Love and performance, I had the pleasure to speak with Marcus. In our conversation, he shares his life, love, and attraction to his profession as a vocalist and a storyteller in lieu of a performer, which defines his contribution to humanity and his existence.

Marcus reconnects with his past to celebrate his inspiration when his mother, a lover of history, played tunes on the piano and his grandparents surrounded him with an abundance of additional musical exposure. Moreover, he puts a rare and unique twist by highlighting the stages and moments experienced in the interim of relationships through his clever and well thought out lyrics that summoned internal peaks of interest to dig deeper. Almost Love defines the anxiety, excitement, moments of uncertainty of preparation, and anticipation prior to his performances. It is the melodious and emotional roller-coaster in which he explains is the connection of the current mood to the moment he steps onto the stage.

As we fast-forward to the event at the Laurie Beechman Theatre, the band sets up on stage, and moments later a spotlight in the middle of the floor, Marcus commences the show by singing a few notes and immediately seduces the crowd with his charm and strong vocals. He takes center stage and immediately, it feels like as if we are transported to another world, and New York takes the backseat light years away. Marcus embraces the world that exists between the minutiae of falling in love with songs like “What if,”  “Last night I found a Melody,” and a personal favorite “Let’s be foolish together.”A ballad that reminds us of the innocence of falling in love and proclaims it is okay to sing and dance in the rain, it is okay to let loose and be free and go with the flow without subscribing to the madness in between. It is a great feeling to be around another free spirit who is not afraid to take risks, fall in love, and if the union disconnects, have the courage to deliver your heart to the Universe for one more chance.

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By: Laura M. Artis

Night Dancing with Nan Jombang

Life remains an un-explainable web of convoluted yet fulfilling experiences; however, it is re-assuring to know there is an abundant source of creative outlets providing “freedom” from the minutiae. Where others seek solace in singing, writing, speaking, and alternate channels, dancing is another great way to loosen up the static as well. Our stories are highlighted through Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Ballroom dancing, Capoeira and Zumba.  However, it was my pleasure to attend a once in lifetime dancing tour titled Nan Jombang. Each piece preceding Nan raised levels of serotonin until the first intermission; then magic and power erupted on stage during the second half of the show.

A woman dressed in crimson red martial art attire, seated on the floor, next to a set of drums activated the setting for the performance. Moments later, she shares the stage with a dancing partner as their bodies gracefully, stimulate the passion, and intended sentiment for the story in complete silence. Suddenly, it feels as if fireworks are erupting backstage while soft “thumping” noises echo and additional cast members assemble on stage. Each magnitude of command from individual jolts vibrates through the performance arena.

The action commences as dancers, jump from one set of drums onto another, and long hair from the women dancers swaying back and forth in rhythm while combining synchronized martial arts techniques. The lights flicker and intermingle with each individual section, and the audience remains in constant suspense as we ride through the unknown.

Dancers add improvisation of “background instruments” by patting their stomachs, legs, the floor, and pound on the drums.  The sensory overload reaches the brim, and, I desire more without limits. At the end of the segment, feelings of gratitude, excitement, blended with unspoken shock and love for the discipline behind each maneuver and the story itself as well. Nan Jombang has touched my heart and outshined with his interpretation of the earthquake that struck Indonesia in 2009; an example defining one of my favorite quotes by Charles Swindol: “Life is ten percent of what happens to you and ninety percent how you react to it.”

You can also view the post here: http://newyorkevents.co/night-dancing-with-nan-jombang/

By: Laura M. Artis.

Smitten Bitten

What is love? The masses seem to know more than the other, otherwise bookstores would not carry mountains of literature on the topic and professionals would not specialize in the biochemistry anatomy of the repercussions of this luminous endorphin all in the name of love. Humankind has manifested machines soaring higher than the universe. We have created cars that accelerate faster than the human heartbeat. In addition, we have engineered phantom limbs and accessories functioning similar to their real counterparts and additional mysterious inventions. Yet at this day and age, we are still unable to create an explanation for the hidden meaning behind dating and love. I had the pleasure of attending a phenomenal production highlighting stages of relationships.

Smitten: Boy and Girl meet and thus begins the interpretation of the conduction of emotions responsible for the endorphin rush during the initial stages binding the attraction between two people. A playful time where both parties involved are less aware of the minutiae, that exists. We put our “Sunday best” to impress and carelessly enter the unknown without regrets. After this pre-requisite of innocence then the physical attraction enters to provide a cohesive and official bond between two souls. The challenge lies within separating the ecstasy from the emotional logic. He desires your body, mind, and spirit; she yearns for her physical needs to be met. However, in the end the chemical exchange tango dance is met with unexpected conclusion where you both arrive at the juncture promoting the infinite contract stating you are ready to strengthen your bond further; and in the process why not tweet about it and change your Facebook status.

Bitten: As time travels forward you try so hard to remain in the “honeymoon stage” when things are “great, phenomenal, and even awesome” yet, you know the truth because they are just o.k. There is still a half percent chance that you want to mend things and bring back the “old times” but your plus one has moved on to greener pastures. They want a mini plus one, and you remain on the fence of exchanging the two-seater convertible for a S.U.V, with a baby seat and the “Baby on Board” stickers. Perhaps you want to pursue your career and see where it will take you but you become engulfed in chasing the perfect time, life, occasion, sometime in the future that seals the deal for everything else to fall in place and you miss out on the present moment.

We all have our imperfections because that is the nature of the beast, however, if you remain receptive to giving things, especially love, a chance to dominate over our insecurities, doubts, fears, anxiety,  naysayers, distractions, etc, it can conquer over anything. However, tread with caution because not all love is pure love; it has to be an endless gateway surrounded with honesty, integrity, respect, and without resistance. If we remain open, receptive, flexible, and compassionate, love has the ability to surprise us.

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By: Laura M. Artis.

Barrique Wine and Kitchen Bar

Barrique Kitchen and Wine Bar

69 Deer Park Ave

Babylon NY 11702

Phone: {631} 321-1175

Hours of Operation: Monday-Sunday 4pm-11pm

Website: www.barriquekitchenwinebar.html


Welcome to my favorite hidden treasure; Barrique Kitchen and Wine Bar might as well become my home away home. A quick ten-minute drive is the intermediary standing between the anticipated experiences provided by this quaint, cozy, casual, establishment hidden in the crevices of Babylon, New York.

As per the website, Barrique proudly defines its existence from infusing old world French, Spanish, and Italian dialects translating to a small oak barrel used to make wines. This suits the place quite well because it boasts over one hundred-fifty wine variations to fire up the internal spirit. The interior provides an inviting comfort within its rustic wooden serving tables, high beams, eclectic lighting fixtures that promote an exquisite, warm, and intimate dining occasion.  An additional check mark on the list enabling Barrique to rise above the rest is the ample outdoor seating during the warmer months to welcome the sunset and engage in people watching. Perhaps you require a quick fix of distraction during the colder months stop by; sip on Vino or eat and unwind while watching the snow cascade against the French windows.

The tantalizing menu aches to draw you in further with items such as Pan Seared Salmon, Scallops, Crab cakes, Sonoma Goat Cheese Ravioli, just to name a few items cooked to perfection to satisfy your hunger. Additionally, if you are in the mood to indulge in a finger food fetish  select from four different pizzas, the Veal Meatball Slider, the cheese assortment and mini desserts; oh and the best part aside from their wine flight and the friendly staff is the updated chalkboard of daily events including a personal favorite titled “celebrate life.”

By: Laura M.Artis



Crossing Boundaries with Vlada Tomova

It is a rare experience to live in a place surrounded by different cultures intermingling with one another. However, New York is the Mecca of destinations providing access to unlimited sources of opportunities to manifest dreams of the creative mind. As I walked into CUNY Graduate Center, I did not know what to expect. While the lights remained dimmed and the crew set up instruments on stage, moments later Vlada Tomova and her group entered from the right stage entrance.

Vlada dressed in authentic Bulgarian attire with a fire engine red flower blossoming from her hair, took the stage holding a microphone, and welcomed the embrace and round of applause from the audience. She introduced her group members, and minutes later, it was show time. Immediately, her voice echoed and surrounded the performance hall and her vocal chords jolted my spirit to perk up and forced other senses to follow.

In between songs Vlada briefly described and defined each new track and the significance in her life. One of my favorite tracks titled “The sun, moon, and mountains” meticulously celebrated through each syllable, and intentional pauses for the audience to capture the experience. Vlada mentioned the elements specified above are commonly utilized in traditional Bulgarian melodies but serve a different purpose and meaning. In this case, this particular song was a metaphor to Vlada’s perspective to youth and aging. She emphasizes in the mountains there are forests and similar to life, the leaves renew themselves with time; however, in the case of our existence, in time our youth is lost forever. Yes, I will surrender to honesty and admit after she finished singing, I erupted in tears; thank goodness I came prepared with Kleenex.

When Vlada sings it feels as if she exists in internal oasis of seduction, passion, and contentment bursting out via her vocals. It is as if she disappears in a state of Nirvana as she closes her eyes and sings from the belly, heart and soul. A few other favorite tunes included a song titled “Chili Peppers” and she explained it was a song performed on the first night as a married couple.  “Scarlet Moon” is a song about a young man in the village who pleads with the moon not to shine because he unintentionally broke a girls’ heart. Additionally, because he is aware of his mistakes, he wants the day to remain so he can immediately make amends and stitch the broken pieces before a new day begins. The last personal favorite song titled “Happy Love”, perhaps a national anthem to couples worldwide. Vlada defines this as her favorite as well and explains despite family, friends, or unforeseen obstacles in your life preventing you from love, take the risk, and follow your heart; cross your boundaries occasionally and you might surprise yourself.

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By: Laura M. Artis.

If Momsy only knew

Hello Universe,

Everyday is Mother’s Day! My Mom, aka Momsy, is my wall of support and rock. And even though I’m under the illusion that I am grown up and remain capable of taking care of myself, she still does not know how much my heart grows for her. It is natural to try to prove yourself to your parents that you are independent after taking the right steps towards creating your own life. However, in this case I am creating a life to add more eccentric, spontaneous, fun, and interesting elements to my Mom’s life; buyer beware, my mom is capable of handling her own social life, but I want to give her more because she damn well deserves it.

If only Momsy knew when she tucks herself into the corner of the couch, while conveniently proclaiming her “myspace.com” wearing her glasses and watching TV that is when her awesomeness shines through the most during her natural state. She sacrifices of her daily grind armed with best intentions to make home feel comfortable and welcoming is a motivation to work hard and reciprocate.

When Momsy, stresses over small things, and requests big dreams from the Universe, if only she knew I am listening and I wish to grant them for her. I admire her strength, presence, charisma, patience – a few things out of an infinite list that make her Super-Woman. Her aura, and sometimes wacky perception of life draws people to her and I’m always grateful for everything she does for everyone and myself.

If only Momsy knew that when she doubts herself, it is not because she lacks self-trust but because I know that she is scared to admit how strong she is as a person. If only she knew when she tells me to have confidence in all I do and never be afraid to “fly” and find my happiness in life, I want her to be my co-pilot and see the world with me as well.

If only the world knew how much I love this woman because words are not enough and can never be. She is a constant reminder that life is beautiful, worth living and makes the world easier to conquer. So Momsy, if you do not know or I have not told you lately, wanted to say thank you for all that you do; and if you never knew, I absolutely love everything about you.

By: Laura M. 

You are a Fitness Junkie because…

You go with your friend to her writing class coincidentally in an office building reaching twenty floors; even though her class is on the fifteenth floor you use the extra two and half hours to channel the inner Dora the Explorer “discovery” skills. Additionally, you decide to do squats between floors.

You wish and throw crystals in the wind hoping your friend gets that promotion at the tallest building downtown.  The excitement is partially for your friend, but you know if she lands the job it comes with a ton of perks including free guest passes to the company gym;  technically that makes you a guest.

When you drive into NYC, you purposely avoid an abundance of  parking garages like the bubonic plague and park twenty-five blocks from your destination. You use the excuse that you want to “sight see” and today of all days you decided to wear high heels. While your friends mock you because they are wiser and brought sneakers or flats with them, you justify by saying, “well my calves could use some work.”

When you deliberately leave the house, work, or venue with less than ample to get to the train. Logically, it does not make sense, but to satisfy the inner athlete you surrender to inducing adrenaline you do this on purpose so it will give you an excuse to run. You arrive at the platform and inside the train, perspiring, and welcome a pat on the back for a job well done.

You indulge in junk food just for the hell of it, however, you have a play date with a friend in Central Park the next day so the walking will balance the excess consumption; and besides you can always blame the cravings on your monthly visitor.

When you are invited to a getaway, the first items in your weekend bag are your running sneakers, and enough workout  attired for the days ahead; after all who needs evening casual wear or other things.

You miss out on the first round of events occurring in the morning because you decided to add an extra three miles to your morning run. Additionally, as you read through missed calls and texts, you remain oblivious and blame other people for their mis-understanding of your active lifestyle.

After a heavy girls night out while your friends babysit their hangover, all you can think  about is the hill around the corner awaiting your conquest. In between the sobering  stages, you utilize the remaining energy before  your short slumber ahead, to set the alarm, and meticulously  arrange your clothes to run in a couple of hours.

The last reason that you are a self titled fitness junkie, is because you feel awesome, accomplished and strong like Super Woman;  if people cannot deal with it, too bad.

By: Laura.

Dear Ice Cream Dude/Dudette

I should be sleeping at this fine hour, however, since the brain lost control over the power switch, I remain awake at 1:45 am. As I work out the kinks on my books and try to tame down other creative outlets crying for help, I hear the Ice Cream truck making its rounds. Hmm, just a thought, how many children are awake at this hour? Why didn’t the Ice Cream Dude or Dudette receive the memo on the cut off time? A little side note, it is not only questionable, but trying to put things in perspective on future considerations on the normal operating hours.

Part of me wants to go out and stop the truck midstream and investigate its existence, or call the authorities,  while another part craves for a red, white and blue popsicle; o.k. goodnight.


Cause of Failure Review

Hello Universe,

As promised here is the first intro to the new venture.  You can also view this post on: http://newyorkevents.co/the-cause-of-failure/ ; happy reading.

A warm afternoon spent indoors at the Kraine Theatre in the sultry NYC downtown area was one of the best ways to donate a weekday to fun. As I ascended the cozy theatre, I did not expect the experience ahead. Once inside and while nestling into my seat, I anxiously waited for the commencement of the show. After a quick introduction and a brief moment of darkness, the event kicked on the power and we started the journey with a woman called Ann, playing the role of the patient seated on a hospital bed. As a member of the audience, it was a bit unclear at first; however, it kicked into gear when Maggie, her daughter entered the scene.

As the play progresses it becomes apparent that Maggie settles into tapping into her imagination to paint a lucid image of her new reality when Ann, her mother is diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Based on a true story experienced by the director of the play, this is Maggie’s interpretation of her new life. Additionally, Maggie is forced to accept some difficult choices while coping with the infinite doctor visits and her mom’s resistance to a life saving procedure.

Maggie aspires to go to College and pursue a future in writing, however due to her moms’ sickness she is caught in the middle of going forward to reach her goals in life or placing things on hold to care for her mom. In the interim, the audience is introduced to Maggie’s perception of the Nurse who is the ignition of humor into the play; and is responsible of continuing the care while Maggie is away at school.

The production sweeps us away with the power of imagination and maintains entertainment regardless of the present moment. Additionally, it enables the audience to assume several thought provoking conclusions via unspoken metaphors within each scene. At the end of the play, I stayed for a short session of Q&A as the cast sat down and dissected several inquiries from the audience. It was a great experience to learn the basics of inception for the play and the best part about it was the knowledge gained from another perspective including the whimsical yet direct approach of highlighting the healthcare industry. I will admit as sprinkles of tears precipitated on my face it was a welcomed increased moment of gratitude towards the presence of important people and things that matter most in life.

By: Laura

Extinguishing the Chaos @ Times Square NY

Hello Universe,

Happy August and I hope the month is starting off on a good foot.  Is it crazy to proclaim that I  seek peace in the middle of  Times Square, NY? If you have never experienced this chaotic web of entertainment, then you are in for a treat. However, on a different note, some, including myself find it inspiring and a in weird way an alternate method of meditation. O,k., I know what you are thinking, the lights, endless choirs of honking cabs, the abundance of strangers, including tourists, businesses, etc. How is it possible to find the moment of  Zen? Well as eccentric as it seems this is the truth; I am attracted to the lights and noises like a moth to a flame.  Perhaps it is a way of temporarily justifying and cracking the whip on the madness that exists upstairs. On rare occasions I feel the rush of excessive thoughts are battling one another for attention and release as if they are on a speed race on the Autobahn. The crossing guard decided to escape on her duties without notice all ideas, aspirations, rejections, opinions are running the show.

In lieu of prematurely indulging in their existence, I go to Times Square to find solace. As I walk towards the lights and spontaneous, unexpected events occurring, there is a source of relief that showers over me. It is as if my mind knows that this is the place that will help re-group, calm the engines, and place everything in an assembly line order for the next phase. While seated on the marble slates, I feel as if I am existing however at a completely different paradigm than the current reality sequence. My mind is no longer in a fight but it is operating on a level known as the PRESENT. The usual questions that desire and require immediate attention pertaining to the Who? What? Where? When? Why, and How and the subcategories in between are answered without struggle. I’m not cuckoo, but I read somewhere that the brain streams between 15-60,000 thoughts daily. I cannot confirm the accuracy of this given information, however, it is easy to  comprehend the monotonous  static inspiring this post. So, why do I go to Times Square in lieu of perhaps a spa, one on one love affair stroll with nature, or enroll in a yoga class? They are all great sources of re-igniting the inner Chi, however, Times Square  compels you to realize that your concoctions of problems, worries, insecurities, fears, etc, are minuscule to those who parade through your peripheral. Well, until next time, find knowledge and light, be yourself and shine bright.

Yours Truly,


Screaming: A healthy outlet.

Good Day Universe,

I know it’s late and in reality I should be slumbering and dreaming of my perfect day which includes writing all day and enjoying  events (aside from work) that magnify joy, etc, however,  I could not sleep.  After counting sheep, and  investing countless minutes or hours of motivating the chaotic traffic of thoughts to yield for preparation necessary for embracing the REM cycle, suddenly I surrender to  alternate distractions.  I flipped on the tube, however, that was a waste of brain cells, therefore the executive decision became simple; start writing in hopes that will induce a deep slumber on the desk or the laptop. In that short moment while I lay awake I felt like screaming. Have you ever felt  like screaming? I know it is super random here is  a brief disclaimer.

If any of you take this literally, and decide to call the authorities , I am not in danger, I am  in one piece, remain safe in my pad. I hypothesized some reasons why I felt like honoring and expediting  this outlet as I will share a few factors with you.

1. I scream because… I’m super excited about my goals and life in general. I anxiously await to celebrate the small accomplishments set out this year.

2. I scream because…on rare occasions, due to the sensory overload of progress, I want to share my idea via  a microphone with the world, additionally, small frustrations of this creative outlet tend to increase the momentum to pursue further.

3. I scream because… I cannot sleep; therefore I want to wake everyone on my block in hopes of discovering another creative person who shares the same passion for life.

4.  I scream because…I have nothing else to do and for the hell of it.

5. And lastly I scream because…it is a good way to momentarily shake up  and add a little dose of inspired lightning to the spirit ; and just like that, I feel better. Until we meet once more, find knowledge and light be yourself and shine bright.

By: FreeSpiritInk.

2nd time around

Hello Universe,

Yes, I agree it is a while since we last shared ink posts, however, during that short hiatus, an abundance of events occurred since then. Additionally, the spirit of the Olympics triggered some random yet welcomed inspirations in the professional as well as personal arena. I don’t like to boast or require the necessity to inflate my EGO, however, I’m a very active person. The pleasure principle magnifies when a new physical and or mental accomplishment is checked off the list.  Last year during the month of December of 2011, the decision was quite simple .  I wanted to meet new people, do more different things, and find out what the real definition of what it means to be a well rounded person. Furthermore, I hoped by putting myself out there more it would become another way to indirectly overcome daily challenges.

Hah! Well as always be careful what you wish for;  I composed a list of 2012 things that I wanted to do and while we are in July, the list proudly stands at 1700. Granted, it should be less than that however, something called work and reality momentarily stands in the way. However, one goal that I aspired to complete was to to conquer two extreme rock walls at our indoor rock climbing facility. The first time I went outdoor rock climbing was with a very good friend of mine and her family a few years ago in Joshua Tree National Park. I concluded outdoor rock climbing was similar to indoor ( totally wrong) so we discovered a local place about a year ago offering indoor climbing and indulged.  I did my best with three walls and saved the best and the hardest for last.  The instructor tried to direct and motivate, however, I stopped midway and asked to descend; perhaps due to fatigue, or a deflated spirit. Therefore I vowed as part of this years goal to seek redemption. My friend and her two kids, and I joined forces and made it happen.

As we arrived at the facility, I could not wait to start climbing. After we strapped into our gear I replayed the endless dream of abolishing the so-called nemesis that conquered my pride a year ago. After my friend’s children insisted to go first, it was finally my turn. I scaled the rock, adjusted the emotional turbulence and without thinking twice, I approached the wall. The left foot went first and then followed by the right foot while grabbing on to the accessible grips above my head for leverage. Moments later I reached the halfway point, and for some reason the nagging, doubtful, and fearful static that hindered the destination were on a permanent vacation.

I continued to ascend and the only thing on my mind was to reach the metal beam above my head. Moments later I reached the top. It was a pleasure to proudly wrap my fingers around the metal object, while swimming in a sea of endorphins; a concoction surrounded with rapture, pride, comfort, and a sense of accomplishment. I held on for a short moment before the descend to allow the internal voice to send soft whispers proclaiming ” good job girl.” As I propelled downward I was overwhelmed by the surplus of  of emotions. A year ago, it seems as if I surrendered,  a few months into a new year later I finally dominated this wall among the additional six within the alloted time. Therefore,  I have learned something during this process;  similar to life and its glory.  You should never give up and remember the opportunity for redemption rarely knocks twice, however, if it does take it. Additionally, treat life as if you are practicing for a major event; even though you will not win all the time, just remember there are plenty of lessons in between.

By FreeSpiritInk

Things that fluff my feathers

Good Day Universe,

It is  Sunday, and remarkably this was a great day. O.k., I did not climb Mount Kilimanjaro (not yet at least)  however, it was a pleasure to complete all the tasks on the to-do list. I love that feeling of accomplishment; additionally if the day concludes with a quick get together with good people, I have no reason to  complain. It is very easy to subscribe to the negativity that surrounds us however, I feel if we as people find fulfillment and happiness in the small things contributing to life, there is no reason to complain. Therefore, I wanted to share  a few items that fluff my feathers on a daily basis. As much I dislike warning others of the intended content, I realized in life there is always a 50/50 margin of people who love it or …do not care either way.  However, that will never stop so I hope somewhere in the list of things provided you will find some droplets of inspiration.

1.Aside from Greek Yogurt, my favorite chain store yogurt brand is Red Mango. Granted there is the hyped up version otherwise known as Pink-Berry, however, there is something about Red Mango that intensifies the attraction.

2. I love any form of creative outlet including and not limited to eccentric art, music, people, objects, etc. As many of you have noticed my previous posts are pretty out there. I read somewhere about increasing traffic to your site; and one factor was to add consistent content that attracts the right type of traffic to  your site. However,  due to the crossing guard in my brain taking a short indefinite vacation from her duties, the posts are the results of this temporary short circuited event.

3. I love the hell out of a good  quality, unique, entertaining, dining experience. The relationship between this Vegetarian and food can be compared to Google’s business plan; MORE! MORE! MORE! please.

4. The post midnight creative hours spent on brainstorming, creating, and writing; need I say more?

5. Who does not love Classic Rock, House, Trance, Classic Old School Hip Hop (pre women shaking their money-maker on poles and videos  this is when music was music)

6. Love…. I do not have the time to go through this whole category, however, some of you will get it

7. Spontaneous Moments of life… Do you really need an explanation?

8. Writing.. oh wait did we mention this earlier. Let us set the record straight, I love writing, it is an unspoken marriage connection; by the way I just finished my first book (eek).

9. Life and its glory

10. The best is always saved for last and in this in case it is my awesome, phenomenal, numero Uno person and that is (drum roll please) my Momsy.  Well until we meet once more, find knowledge, light, be yourself and shine bright.

By: FreeSpiritInk.

Just smile a little

Good Day Universe

I hope everyone is having a great weekend thus far. I wanted to write about something completely different however, due to the events of the day, I think this post is headed towards a different direction.  As I drove heading to the gym during the late afternoon,  I enjoyed subscribing to music that pumped me up and foreshadows the intensity of  the workout.  However, today I noticed something that deserves some spotlight. I try to be aware of my surroundings most of the time, and I could not help but notice some people are quite miserable while driving. Aside from the choir of worry, anxiety, of their current reality in life written on their face it intensified some burning questions; what is the cause of your malfunction.Perhaps they are concerned with other motorists cutting them off, or being involved in a car accident or other things. Therefore, I have provided supporting evidence of why we should try to maintain a good mood. Additionally, there are some questions to target and a few factors on how to troubleshoot your anger.

1. We are in the middle of July and the temperature is well above freezing; therefore the weather is not a factor.

2. Perhaps you need to hit the gym and on rare occasions I am tempted to invite them as an outlet ( I mean they have huge punching bags, so that could work)

3. Ask yourself is life that serious? If you asked me that question, my answer would be no because I realized that someone else somewhere has it worse than me.

4.  Do you crave a hug, kiss, or perhaps someone donating others forms of attention and affection into your life. Additionally, perhaps all you need is someone to ask you about your day, or passively lend their time and some TLC into your life.

5. Alternatively, perhaps you are craving some good old fashion un-interpreted  afternoon delight sessions; it’s ok to be honest  no one is judging you.

The Temporary Solution

In lieu of placing judgment I decided to elect myself to help spread some joy in the interim. Therefore, I started by making funny, silly and awkward facial expressions to break the ice sort of speak. Ok, perhaps this is a bit crazy, unfiltered, random, and plain ol’ ridiculous to some. However, for a single moment in time this can be a temporary distraction and a reason to forget what is ailing you.  Additionally, I started to say “hello” if the windows are open or wave if the they are closed. I do not know how long this plan will continue, but I know that I am not doing it to mock anyone, but to serve as an eccentric way of reminding you of the important small things that make up life.Granted, most people will react differently, however, that is a risk I am willing to take. After all it is fair to say that we all have doubts, fears, insecurities, and or problems that are out of our control; and the only we can control is our reaction. However, we must not forget to laugh at life once in a while and therefore with that friendly warning in mind, if you see a person waving or making goofy faces, just remember it is Ok to smile a little.  Well until we meet once more, find knowledge and light, be yourself and shine bright.

By FreeSpiritInk.

Define your Edge.

Dear self I am scared says the EGO.  We invited ourselves into the unknown territory for the search of personal fulfillment without a map. What is next? LEAP!

The Beginning:  A concept or otherwise known in the professional arena as an idea. What do you do? Dismiss or fully embrace? When the reality of hard work reigns over you with a double-coated wall of doubt, fear, anxiety and lack of acceptance to individual responsibility necessary to reach the peak it feels as if the idea is slowly diminishing in the background just as quick as it arrived. Should that stop you? Perhaps you the brave one amongst the crowd chooses to crush the self-created precipitation of chaos to the ground and diminish their existence to the very place they were born from or maybe not. LEAP

The intermission: Action has taken place and change is imminent therefore creating a collision course towards making your dream procreate to a live reality.  The past still lingers on however the present seems that much more exciting to exist in and the future still may be light years away but it is a never-ending promise to continue to push forward. There are moments of short circuits that seem to poison your journey and this time the emotional continuum is much stronger because now there is evidence of HOPE and pure belief that something is possible. There may be times where you may find yourself stuck in a stagnant position with multiple failures and disappointments and closed doors of consistent choirs singing “NO” which leads to emotional breakdowns of self-hatred and abundant self-examination and asking why you ever started on the new adventure; LEAP.

Suddenly, as you almost surrender yourself in a disgraceful manner to completely give up and return to the safety net to the everyday corporate suicide rat race…..never go backwards. Keep in mind the hard work, patience, barrel of persistence still predominate the road ahead.

The End: The vision is aggressively clear and the emotional rollercoaster is no longer in control. This is the beginning of the DREAM that unfolds with levity sprung from indulging in a wholesome serving of humble pie. A pie stuffed with failed attempts but with courage to persist, further, and higher even with a bruised EGO. In addition this is the part that one truly understands the real meaning of F.E.A.R; False Evidence Appearing Real served with a side of attitude of gratitude of the past , that is the now which determines tomorrow. What is the passionate destination splitting the denominator? I hope the answer is Success. Success, not measured by the price tag of luxury accessibility but rather by the quantity of invested time and an infinite supply of motivation. Which is spicier living a life of “what could have been” and allow inspiration to stroll past you, or proudly proclaim “I leaped” as you leave your legacy for others. Until we meet once more, find knowledge and light be yourself and shine bright.

By: FreeSpirtInk.

Victim of Creativity

Good day Everyone,

As any blogger/writer, artist of any genre would tell you, in addition to Commitment, Diligence, and intense focus, nothing is possible without these tools. However, I have realized something else while pursuing goals and burning the midnight oil, regardless of what you identify yourself as, a musician, painter, actor, etc, eventually we fall prey to becoming victims of creativity. Additionally, while speaking with friends who share similar passions, we share certain things in common. Therefore, here is a compiled list that I have organized with a few side notes that open the door to question if you are a victim of creativity.

1. You have more pens than fashion accessories. – Perhaps this is part of a biased observation however, I accept the truth that the amount of pens collected through various random places, including and not limited to dinner gatherings with family and friends after the check is signed. Some pens write better, therefore, I started collecting them. OK, let’s set the record straight, I’m not a clepto (because I’m sure this is the easiest assumption)  however, I ask for permission. In the beginning I assumed the pen was up for grabs but I felt bad. Additionally, it made more sense to practice manners and ask rather than entertain the foreshadowing reactions  from the hostess and of course become a participant in contributing to inefficiency on their end because they do not have a writing tool to write future orders from customers.

1a: The value of your pens are more significant a pair of classic Mary Janes’ or a raincoat. This is the part that I’m assuming might raise some eyebrows for some, however, beware that good quality pens are hard to come by. Additionally, if you  a creative person, it does not matter how much a pen costs. When I was attending a speech course a couple of summers ago, I think, if I am not mistaken,  the total on the receipt clocked in at $15 for a pack of pens and one “special” pen. It did not speak nor recite bed time sonnets however, the harmony between my fingers and the pen perfectly bonded like hydrogen and oxygen. Sadly, it ran out of ink, and I believe I passively donated it into pen heaven.

1b:  When your mother implements a time limit when you ask to borrow her pen…This is epic, random but true. My mom is well aware of the unspoken marriage with pens. Therefore, on rare occasions( less than 45%), and if  we are together and perhaps  a thought ignites, I want to immediately jot it down before it runs through the recycling process while clutching on to dear life before it exits and joins the lost, unused, and forgotten footage category. However, sometimes I don’t usually return the pen to her. Momsy gets upset and this leads to —-> issuing a short apology—-> promising to return the pen—-> losing Momsy’s favorite pen somewhere in the matrix.

1c: Stocking up on pens for those just in case moments; need I say more? It’s pretty much self-explanatory.

1d: Writing on anything tangible that you can get your hands and not limited to toilet paper, paper towels, walls, desktops, receipts, etc.

2. Lack of Consideration with Time:  The truth is pretty simple, there are only 24 hours in one day. Eight hours are productively invested in the real world; We continue to deduct more time when considering recreational, social, personal and family obligations,etc.  However, for those who fearlessly and diligently entertain their creative outlets, it is so easy to envelope yourself in this reclusive cocoon of concentration regardless of time and your daily routines. Additionally, I cannot speak for everyone else, however, I find that even though I am working, the wheels continue to turn with new ideas, innovations, etc. Furthermore, the anticipation to return home because I feel as if the creative umbilical cord is violently ruptured without justification; if only my employer would understand the necessity of daydreaming.  Well until we meet once more, find knowledge, find light be yourself and shine bright.

By: FreeSpiritInk.

On Second Note.

As I waited to re-unite with a friend halfway on the connection between lower east side and into another borough all together I welcome you to the subway potpourri. I spotted a dude chillaxing by a staircase. Moreover, after a short flirt session, we both grew some big ones and met in the middle of the platform. I was clearly open and receptive to exchange digits. As I start dictating my phone number to him, he grabbed my phone off my hands without permission; Gasp! but I let it go.

After storing his number, he held on to my phone a bit longer than normal. I asked for my phone back, however he started to play the ‘give then snatch it back’ game and the first time was hella funny as we both chuckled.  Then he starts looking through my phone; what was he looking for? Adult movies? A tracing device/bug? which sparked inner paranoia to wonder if government officials were tracing us? Just then, a male friend of mine was calling simultaneously and that is when he hands the phone back to me with a side note comment.

“Oh, well I guess you are Ms.Popular, you know what I know I’m better than him”(referring to the incoming call) and walked away.

I thought to myself as I redialed the missed call and concluded the following. Yes, perhaps he could be right; however the only difference is my friend is a permanent in the address book and you my dear have just earned yourself a V.I.P spot on the do not call list; bah bye!.

Pravda: The Russian Persuasion

Once upon a short-lived distraction on Lafayette street while walking towards the subway heading to Brooklyn  with a couple of besties, we found ourselves detouring to a very cute place called Pravda. I wish it existed on every corner of every metropolis, however, its exclusivity to NYC makes it that much more special. We walked in and the Russian/ European lounge music immediately embraced the senses. I felt like dancing, but curtailed the decision and instead swayed in place by the door while waiting for our seats. Less than a blink of an eye we were at a table; automatically, this place had a row of gold stars as a potential for a  future repeat offender. The tables were clean, the service was impeccable as we requested our first round.

It was one of those nights perhaps triggered by the full moon, that I wanted to try something new and exotic. Therefore, I asked the hostess for her favorite adult beverage recommendation. She chose the Caviar Martini made with cucumber and dill served with a spoonful of real caviar.

Once it made its way to the table, I couldn’t contain the excitement. It was delicious, moreover, this was the first experience with caviar and it blew the initial grimace off my face and replaced it with a huge smile of satisfaction. Our table filled with overflowing indulgence with additional orders, such as the Vladimir Martini, Moscow Mule and Leninade Martini continuing the Russian liquid seduction. Though this place is not mean’t for dancing, it’s a great place to celebrate life.  (Post available here too)

By:  Laura M. Artis

Subway Theatre


I agree it has been a while since we last merged and enjoyed a good chuckle over subway experiences. Life for the moment has been a bit hectic with everything that defines the matrix. Therefore, without further a do I present to you the subway theater. I enjoy the fine arts like anyone else, and this is why I was desperate to post this before midnight and I am doing this on my friend’s laptop before we head out to paint the town with our combined energies. As I anxiously sat on the E train heading into Brooklyn, we, referring to fellow passengers and I enjoyed a spontaneous. The picture box: Four people; two females and two males erupted in an altercation. While excessive expletive words exchanged within this mini live drama sitcom, I thought, momentarily, it was real until until the unexpected twist occurred.

Three stops into our journey another member of the team rose up and yelled “Cut” and all members of the cast exited at the next stop. However, while on board and prior to their exit stage left strategy I was simultaneously entertained yet appalled. Additionally,  for a short moment, I was tempted to intervene, however,  I quickly made the decision to sit this one out. In the interim, it sure as hell justified for a good subway theater experience.  Therefore, I give kudos to excellent acting, spontaneity, and the use of the subway as your platform. Additionally, I wish all of you good luck in your acting career; thank you NY for providing the best and eclectic experiences.

By: FreeSpiritInk

Spotlight on goals

Image attribution: njcriticreview.com

Hello Universe,

I hope everyone is having a splendid beginning of the month. I wanted to try something different for the month of July. Upon reading a few business books and speaking with a friend who is a great person in my life I started writing down goals in a notebook. In the beginning, I thought I was immune to writing down goals because I practiced another way of attaining them and this included and not limited to excessive wishing during full moons, day dreaming, entertaining useless energy on becoming frustrated with the definition currently known as reality and of course the old fashion way of abandoning everything and taking immediate action. Please don’t get me wrong when the going gets tough this girl will make things manifest. Previous examples include investing time to practice for a marathon and a triathlon in a couple of months. I was also successful in cleaning out my closet, maintaining and incorporating a fun healthy lifestyle, learning medical Spanish, learning how to Rollerblade, sign language, talking less and listening more, learning five new things on a daily basis, etc; the list is endless.

However, I learned physically writing down goals is a damn good way of attaining goals at a much faster rate. At the beginning of every month for the past year I started jotting down every single goal that I would love to make a reality. When this process started, it felt weird in the beginning as random moments of resistance increased. It felt as if I was defying the law of taking action. I thought once you dream it you can achieve it and that was all it took to make things come true. However, I did not expect or prepare for the amount of motivation, efficiency, and productivity these lists produced. It sparked like an internal urgency of reaching my goals and making new goals as I go along and it return that is great. I feel more responsible, rather than obligated to do things, and most importantly in control of how I spend my time. Additionally, the decisions that I make along the way, I am certain will steer the boat in the right direction. I also feel free as the subconscious induced unnecessary  pressure,  excessive production of excuses of why things did not work, or the necessity to procrastinate is lifted off my shoulders because everything is displayed in a clear, well thought out, written, rigorous, monthly perspective. Additionally, this prompted another decision to keep a weekly goal list as well. I used to subscribe to daily goal lists, however, I find them a bit unrealistic because I have to account for the following and overflowing formula : time x 24 hours x daily duties divided by life and carried to the infinite power  between work, family, personal time, etc. Therefore, the weekly goal list works like a charm because I know I have seven whole days as oppose to a limited 24 hours or less.

The categories in the monthly goal list stay the same however the information plugged in always remain flexible for change within each new month. I’m going to share a teaspoon with you if you do not mind of an example of the organization protocol or format. One category is titled Personal goals and that includes stuff for example go running everyday, buy new sneakers, practice public speaking, etc. The second category underneath is titled: Business goals and that includes anything from paying attention when other people talk, tending to important things as they occur, increasing memory skills by doing an exercise in a book that I find quite helpful. It has helped me study different ways of remembering people’s names, birthdays, etc and other daily tasks. I also have a section titled ” My perfect NYC apartment”, “Perfect vision for a potential dude”. Yes, I agree this sounds a bit funny but it helps with the process of knowing what works and what does not.

Then comes the other goals, listed under miscellaneous but fun goals. This is my favorite part because I go crazy on this category and it’s entertaining because it requires less rigidity and discipline than the previous titles. Some fun goals that I have listed are:

1).surfing 2) flying a glider, 3) shark diving, 4)spending the night in the Sahara Desert( My mom and I went to Dubai and the Sahara desert was one of the safaris that we attended and I promised to indulge in a future sleepover), 5) learning Portuguese and Arabic, 6)running up the Great Wall of China, 7)racing in the autobahn, 8)learning how to say hello in different languages,9) Indulge in a moment of Zen by the beautiful Buddha statues in Thailand, Tibet and or Japan, 10) Fly a helicopter 11) Be part of a flash mob, 12) Attend the Australian, Wimbledon and U.S.Open Tennis events 13) Attend the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont all in one year, etc; I believe this random request list is currently approaching the two hundred and fifty over indulgent mark.Furthermore, the best part is the list increases about ten items more each month. Therefore, I want to say thank you for this great idea of shining a spotlight on my goals because it makes life much more worthy of living.

By: FreeSpiritInk.

Image Attribution courtesy of fcnetwork.org

Reality Check!

Image attritbution to genomicron.evolverzone.com

Hello Universe,

This is a post that I found in the archives and by the time I wanted to post it on WP, I was in the midst of making a decision whether or not to demolish my previous site and start a fresh journey and I decided to trash it and here we are once more. Therefore, I never posted until I found a site whose forum was exposing NY subway experiences and voila, that site became its new temporary home aside from my external hard-drive; I understand it’s a bit out dated, but what can you do; happy reading.

Let me paint the picture! My friend and I were walking towards a subway station headed Downtown and just as we approached the entrance, a tall, Amazon-like woman ran past us in a mad dash and a few feet behind was a somewhat overweight middle-aged man chasing after the woman.

The screaming is a combined remix symphony of ” help, police stop her”, “help” (Repeat several times). So, naturally this sparked interest and the adrenaline rush motivated the inner hero to do the right thing and chase after Amazon lady in high heel boots. Ok, here is a little secret, I run long distance (Shush, we can keep this just between us) however, this girl was faster.

Currently, this presents a train like motion of activity; the girl is the leader of this situation, I’m behind her, followed by my friend, and then last but not least is the middle-aged man- sounds fun right? It gets interesting read on. At this point, it is totally game on and this is now becomes a mission. She makes a quick turn, and I am so close to her, that I can taste victory.

Amazon lady totally goes rogue and starts running towards me, stops midway, takes out a sharp object, and points it towards my direction.

Common sense could not have slapped me sooner and reality fast-forwards to the unforeseen and reminds me of the future to-do list that remains un-checked.First, there is a wedding situation on Saturday, future marathons, Olympics, The Brazilian World Cup, and other events in life requiring my attendance; the possibility of having kids and Valentine cards that still have not made their way to the post-office.

Who will get my Buddha statues, my favorite pea coat remains captive at the Cleaners; who will write future blogs including this one and I forgot to press “send” on the email to the cutie on the dating site. Granted, excluding family & friends these are not important things to consider given the current moment, like, I remain clueless for the real reason behind this pursuit. However,  in lieu of getting shanked in the middle of the street and having to explain how a night out ends up on the nightly news, my friend and I decided to call it a night and let someone else or the universal law of karma deal with this matter. Amazon woman kept running, and eventually the middle-aged man gave up. I promise one of these days, I will learn to mind my own beeswax but in the meantime, I tried to be a good Samaritan.

By: Laura M Artis

Team Happy

Hello Everyone,

I hope we are doing well thus far. During lunch I had the pleasure of completing a wonderful book. It’s not a classic like Hemingway or X-rated as the new book release that every woman is salivating over; all you ladies know exactly which book I speak of because I’m reading too (wink). However, it’s one of those books that make sense. It magnified every good, positive, optimistic, firecracker, taste the rainbow experience, reach for the stars momentum of sentiments. It is one of those books that you feel a bit guilty for feeling that good; alternatively it makes you want to scream into a megaphone and share your happy spirit to the world. I also realized the resistance came from the feeling itself rather than personal issues with the book. First, honestly speaking, those who personally know me, should be familiar with my personality. It’s a bit eccentric and I admit that however, I’m very comfortable in my skin and most importantly I am very happy.

This is one of the reasons I enjoyed reading this book very much. It enlightened the inner spirit to remain the same and regardless of what people think, at the end of the day the only thing that matters is your own happiness. Some of us might subscribe to different vices and severe addictions to reach their own Shangri-La but always remember there is nothing like attaining true inner happiness. Additionally, if you are capable of maintaining the high torch of rainbows and sunshine then and only then you can proclaim successful fulfillment.

By: FreeSpiritInk.

That’s a Wrap

A very short but sweet moment in time while riding the G train anxiously awaiting my stop to join the seduction of downtown NYC madness was a live version of a missed connection. The synopsis: two young adults engaged in a conversation heading to their respective destinations. OK I was not eavesdropping, however aside from every other person engulfed with personal electronic distractions this little meeting served as temporary entertainment.

It seemed they shared a lot in common, i.e., mutual chemistry, traveling, secure careers, original life experiences however the deal was far from being sealed. Apparently, the dude forgot his cell phone in his car. He repeatedly hinted where he was going to meet his friends however, the woman displayed resistance on his invite. The conversation carried on for another couple of stops where both the woman and I exited. He stood up and they hugged their goodbyes. As the subway doors closed and a mob of people ascended the stairs to the street, I appointed myself Cupid to inquire why she was resisting so I tapped her on the shoulder and asked ” Excuse me, I do not mean to embarrass you but he seemed very interested in you why the shutdown?”.

“He is too young and short for me. I like tall men and besides I have a boyfriend, so I didn’t want to be rude,” she replied with a smile. Yes, my friends that’s a wrap indeed. We both laughed, wished one another happy holidays, and went our separate ways. I guess some things are not mean’t to be.

By: FreeSpiritInk.

Welcome Hot, Hazy Humid


That translates to hello in Portuguese. In the previous post titled “Ode to Twitter”, I mentioned one reason that I enjoy Tweeting is because a current follower took on the unofficial responsibility to teach me Portuguese; it does not get any better than this and I am grateful. Therefore, that is one upon many words that I know thus far. We just have to start forming sentences and one miscellaneous fun goal is on its way of gaining accomplishment. With that said, we are ready to elope to the current moment. It’s officially summer and I am more than excited to pronounce the unspoken relationship with hot, hazy humid temperatures. Some are petrified and seek safety indoors, however, not this girl. I enthusiastically look forward to embracing  the golden ring and permit its endless ambiance to kiss every inch of my body while running.

Yes, I know, it sounds absurd, however, I can not get enough.While others plead with universe for cooler nights and months, I counteract that wish for an abundance of double perhaps triple digit temperatures. It seems as if people are much more friendlier, open, receptive, daring, adventurous during warmer months. Hmm, do I have supporting evidence? I do not have concrete facts, however, the only source derives from personal observation. So, I want to be the first to welcome more hot hazy humid temperatures, and wish everyone a great summer.

By: FreeSpiriInk.

Ode to Twitter

Image Attribution to : twibles.com



Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening,

I hope everyone is having a great week thus far. Therefore, I am going to get to the ring of the fire; o.k., perhaps that is not the right word. I think a ring of enlightenment sounds a bit less threatening and more inspirational. In the beginning…. the relationship between Twitter and I can be described sort of like a blind date. There is a side of you that remains fearful, yet simultaneously open-minded to a new adventure of meeting someone new. Additionally, I never thought I would utter these words, however, I love twitter, there I said it. Here are top five reasons why I decided to render an Ode to Twitter.

1.I look forward to my limited engagement moments with the blue bird phenomena and blue happens to be my favorite color.

2. People are easy to follow on Twitter and not to mention some awesome dude is teaching me Portuguese via Tweets

3. I finally learned what MT, RT, H/T and OH stand for. Here is a quick lesson: (MT= Mention; RT= Retweet; H/T= Hat Tip and OH= Overheard)

4. It’s much more fun than Facebook; personally speaking.

5. Self-Discipline; that’s right everyone 140 characters is my threshold; who knew. Furthermore, the defense(yours truly) rests your Honor because I cannot find one reason to counteract. Twitter, taught me in lieu of pledging endless status updates exceeding standards of a thesis, all you need in life to maintain and entertain the public’s attention span is a short yet productive medium; enter Twitter. Therefore, an abundance of gratitude to  Twitter for maintaining this girl’s endless, ongoing, super sonic, lightning bolt approach, fearless, fun, yet pragmatic personality under control; Tweet! Tweet.

By: FreeSpirtitInk.

Free things to do in NYC

New York City is the most diverse places in the world. The lights, non stop parade of yellow cabs, accompanied by the infinite, abundant sea of people walking, running, sightseeing, pushing strollers, or standing fill every crevice of every corner in every block. The appreciation deepens when you realize the less than zero chance of running into the same person unless fate intervenes. The magnificence surrounding NYC lays in the plethora of things to do. However, most tourists visiting NYC usually gear their visits towards the major leagues of attractions. These include and not limited to the Statue of Liberty, Empire State and Chrysler buildings, famous restaurants, Broadway shows, and club venues.
However, those who are on a budget or are “experienced” tourists or New Yorkers, they know there are plenty of free things to do. One of them is Times Square and here is where the magic of New Years Eve takes place. Times Square is always filled with a never-ending supply of entertainment. In the past, I had the pleasure of indulging in the New Years’ Eve festivities and it was a great experience and regardless of the weather, people from around the world pilgrimage to Times Square to join others in inviting the New Year. Once the ball has reached its destination and the countdown is over, the energy around you is an indescribable feeling. Recently in September of this year, after a long day of walking around, I headed towards Penn Station to catch the train back home. Suddenly, I heard melodious harmony piercing through the streets while I approached Times Square. I walked towards the beautiful, strong, and inviting voice only to join other onlookers who were detoured as well in their travels.
A sea of people were seated on the newly renovated stadium seating alongside rows of comfortable leather chairs overlooking the jumbotrons. On display was the opening night at the Metropolitan Opera House featuring Anna Bolena. Granted I was in a hurry to return home however, I decided to stay and watch the performance until the end. Regular tickets to the opera would have cost close to three hundred for two people, however, another free, spontaneous event of NYC. Other additional free things to do are watching the Macy’s day fireworks on the FDR drive or from your apartment if you are lucky enough for such prestige exclusivity. The fireworks take place annually on Fourth of July and are launched off the East River. If you are an avid running fan, the NYC marathon is another free event and the Thanksgiving Day parade and both happen in the month of November. You can also visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Rockefeller Center Ice rink, (however skating is not free) or schedule one vacation to experience the tree lighting.
Additional free things to do include museums as well and some require advance tickets and planning. The Museum of Natural History is free admission, however if you care to make a small donation( even a dollar) that is all up to your discretion but keep in mind the exhibits are not free. Perhaps you choose to people watch instead. There are several options including the famous Central Park that includes a skating rink as well, and a zoo, however that is not free. There are plenty of things to do and more than enough space encompassing both the Upper West and East side of Manhattan. Bryant Park located in midtown Manhattan is another great place. On some occasions, you may be lucky enough to participate in free tai chi, crocheting, or swing dance classes. There is plenty of seating to people watch or you can participate in free table tennis. There are endless and unexplored sources of free things to do, however, transportation including subways and cabs can be costly therefore, the best and free form of transportation is walking. Aside from the benefits of exercise, it is the best free way to submerge yourself in the abyss of NYC.

By: FreeSpiritInk

This is living

Howdy everyone,

Hope you are enjoying the weekend thus far. First, I want to wish a Happy Father’s Day to all Dads out there, including my own. Honestly, I want to thank him for all the experiences and knowledge he has introduced me to and thank him for the only person who trusts me with his cordless power drill lol. With that said, let us get down my future blast of the perfect hypothesized day of life. On 6/16, I was in the company of a good friend. She and I met on a birthday limo ride to Atlantic City as strangers and we have grown to a great union of friendship. We both rely on our esoteric, unique, intelligent and quick-witted personality to magnify any situation. Additionally, she is just one of those people who I look forward to the post midnight, late night texting inundated with un-filtered, ruthless, honest, G, NC-17 to R-rated conversations and additional irrelevant minutiae. We are so different yet so similar and it is eccentrically beautiful.

Therefore, it is about a year since our last merge and this is due to our busy schedules and the pursuit of our new endeavors; she is a genius by the way so watch out for her ideas to manifest in the world in the prospective future. I do not easily assign that title to just anyone, so it is directed towards those who meet that level. She invited me to meet her for an amazing foot rub and massage as part one of our adventure. It was phenomenal, so much that I fell asleep on the couch.

My dreams immediately transported to a beach far away, surrounded by candles and tiki torches while receiving this treatment. I surrendered to soft, seductive and inviting Asian music softly amplified in the corner speakers inside the room; it was magic. I forgot about life, responsibilities, to-do lists, emails awaiting my response on the crack-berry, etc. After our treatments, I felt phenomenal and reality never seemed sweeter. We bought some wine and went out to lunch. As we drank the wine and enjoyed a delicious feast outdoors in a restaurant, watched the sunset and engaged in fulfilling laughter and conversations, I was addicted and craved more. I pleaded, promised, and bargained with the inner Alpha Female-in training to work my dernier with intense motivation and perseverance in all my endeavors to double dip and incorporate this activity on a consistent basis in the near future.

By: FreeSpiritInk

© 2012 FreeSpiritInk.

Damn you French Fries

Hello everyone,

Ok, I am just going to come right out and proclaim my love with French fries. First, before we progress, I am a newly transitioned vegetarian (try to keep this hush-hush; would like to prevent a traffic jam into my inbox) and I love it so far. However, that is not the problem. Some may agree that French fries should be part of the vegetarian staple and diet because they are indeed composed of potatoes, which is in fact a vegetable. Additionally, it has come to my attention that I crave French fries and crunchy “veggie” chips once or twice a month.

Do I know the source of this increased sensation and craving to simultaneously indulge in fried and crunchy food? Well let us be real, it is not “real” food but you get the point of inducing this comparison, so the answer is no and I do not care to discover the source. Now, I damn the French fries in a way because during my trails, I have come to the realization that I am very fussy of where I attain my grease addiction. There is a bar/restaurant around my house and honestly, hands down they make the best fries; better than any fast food situation. P.S. I do not eat fast food since this new transition however, my thoughts point towards this direction: potatoes are vegetables and I think that is what I am sticking to as the defense argument. So, where were we? The bar/restaurant makes the entire craving worthwhile; below are supporting arguments:

A. Six blocks are all that stand between my house and French fries heaven.

B. The kitchen is open until 3am; damn them even more for this convenience.

C. They make good fries, so you it is easy comprehend the “go into the light mode”

Furthermore, the crunchy so-called veggie crisps are delicious in my book. They accurately hit the spot without that after-effect feeling. However, the next day after viewing the evidence of my insane and non-disciplined actions I do not feel guilty at all. Additionally, I started making my own that way I can decorate them with various spices and other ways to make them tastier and “healthier” by adding veggies to them. The only justification is it is not a regular habit and I think that occasionally it is ok to treat yourself. I am sure some may argue that takes away from the whole vegetarian lifestyle, however, I do not live for everyone; I only live for what adds happiness to my life.

By: FreeSpiritInk.

© 2012 FreeSpiritInk

Just made it

Hola Universe,

As mentioned in the prior blog titled “25 minute remixes” it is quite apparent that I try not to use my car if I can avoid it. Therefore, since the train station is about a ten-minute walk from my place, on rare occasions I purposely leave my house a little bit later than the expected time. First, before we proceed, try to contain your laughter, but I do this because I want to test how much time it will take me to run to the train station. Ok, I know perhaps that sounds, oh, I do not know the word I am looking for. Perhaps, absurd? Crazy? Perhaps both? There are times where I drive myself nuts because the rushing increases useless, nonstop super adrenaline and it does not stop until I reach the platform.

After moments of adjusting and wiping sweat off my forehead and walking into the train as if nothing happened, I start the tape recorder of “why would I do that?” “What is the point of rushing?”, “Never, ever again” etc even though I know I am lying. However, there are several additional motives as well:

1. Testing the response time to stress

2. Checking to verify if my legs maintain the capability to perform in supersonic mode

3. It is a quick pick me up in the am and a good way to start the day.  However, on the flip side I do not receive the benefits of the importance of being cool, calm, and collected. Additionally, because my mind is operating on warp speed, it does not allow me enough time to inject doses of good tokens of aspirations and expectations for the day ahead. Therefore, the compromise is simple to find a balance between getting a small workout and being present; Until we meet once more find knowledge and light be yourself and shine bright.

By: FreeSpiritInk.

© 2012 FreeSpiritInk

Kitty Surprise

My temporary visitors; Meow.

Hello Universe

I know I skipped a day of blogging, but I was super busy enjoying life and bike riding on 6/10 with my parents in Shawangunk, NY; don’t look at me I don’t where that is  and whether someone paid me a million buckaroos to go back there solo, I could not tell you where to start. Additionally, I could not remember the name so I am probably spelling it incorrectly, as we speak. The ride was great and it will be one of those solid memories to hold onto in the future. We rode about ten miles and I wanted to continue until the very end however, time was not on our side. After the ride, we stopped over my mom’s friend’s house and had a delicious late lunch/ early dinner with a couple of adult beverages. It was just a perfect way to end the day.

Currently on 6/11, you see where this is going right. That is correct we are conducting a double entry; the choice was to  either write a new post or combine, then again who cares. Therefore, today I went to work as usual and when I returned home, I was in the can’t-wait-to-turn-on-my-laptop-and-work mode. I was motivated and I have an abundance of things requiring my attention. I arrive home, and my dad states he wants to show me something, and he is headed outside with a flashlight. I was looking forward to a couple of raccoons performing on Cirque du Soleil level of entertainment; however, it was far from it.  There was a litter of four kittens scrunched up together in a plastic bin and singing a symphony of “meows.” We had two stray cats sharing the ambiance of our backyard but they would make a pit stop at my neighbor’s yard to eat. If you ask me, it is best of both worlds; free food and entertainment. Therefore, call me silly, but I think the obvious assumption is they found partners and mixed cat fluid to make these cute little kitties and then mommy cat abandoned them. We had a cat however, it lived a good life let us just say that; I think these cats sense that aura hence their sudden roundabouts in the backyard.  Therefore, my mom and I took them in fed them diluted milk through pacifiers.

6/12. This was Plan A: drop them off at the shelter and wish them an abundance of success to land in good homes. We arrived at the shelter by our mall and we were excited that they had a chance to go to special people; but that was far from reality. The shelter was full, and they were not accepting new pets at that time. Therefore, plan A modified to a temporary sub category. The manager mentioned to us to try to allow the kitties to re-connect with the Momma cat and in the case the connection did not succeed within a couple of weeks they would have more space for new additions. The people at the shelter were super helpful and they gave us a bottle with cat formula to “foster” them in the meantime. Additionally, we have to burp them and “motivate” their digestive systems for excretion. Let us be honest for a little bit, I do not have kids, however, this experience has taught me a lot, but the most important thing I learned was:

1. My mom is super awesome and I do not know if it is the maternal instinct but she was ok with everything. She just took on that role and it was fun watching her feed the kitties, make up their temporary sleeping situation, etc. She was patient, attentive, caring, and open-minded to each of their needs and watching her melted my heart. The next day, a woman recommended by Mom’s friend, came by the house and schooled us on taking care of kittens. She gave them shots, prepared them for the temporary “fostering” process while she searched for a permanent home for them.

2. These kitties have added a little spice to our daily living. It is amazing how resistant my dad was of taking them in however, he anxiously rushes home to feed them and I feel a temporary attachment to them as well. In a weird way, I feel as if the Universe is trying to send invisible clues as a test and hopefully I passed. In conclusion, I think it is the law of karma, if you do more good things like this, more good things come to you; what do you think?

By: FreeSpiritInk.

© 2012 FreeSpiritInk

Just a thought

I have always wondered does anyone else find it funny how we drive on parkways, and park on driveways. Additionally, when I speak with friends who live further upstate, why do they always feel the need to segregate an entire location even though it refers to the same state? An example of a conversation can be seen below:

Friend: I am going Upstate for the weekend but when we return downstate, we can get together.

Response: “Oh ok fair enough no worries, we will get together when you return home.”

Friend: “Absolutely so I will give you a call when I’m back to the downstate.”

Additionally, the response has lost speed during this moment so I let it go; however, it just made me think a little.

By: FreeSpiritInk

© 2012 FreeSpiritInk.

Twenty five minute remix

Twenty-five minutes, give or take a couple of minutes here and there depending if the train is operating on time is the estimated duration of my trip to and from work. I decided a while ago in lieu of subscribing to the endless traffic lights standing in my voyage to work I would try taking the train. For those who may not be familiar with Long Island, NY a car is required at all times for everything. Additionally, those  who desire valid answers, and would like to satisfy their curiosity, 12 miles and approximately fifty five lights stand between home and work.

I am blessed to live within walking distance to the mall, shopping plaza encompassing a grocery store, shoe store, gym, pet store, and other small conveniences, such as the train station. One day I decided to leave my car at home and opt to take the train to work. It was not easy at first since I was used to riding my silver chariot everywhere. I persevered again the next day to experiment and test out a pending theory: can I release attachment to material things?

“Did I have the capability to survive and overcome the co-dependant relationship with my car?” Furthermore, was I ready to accept the withdrawal symptoms during that time?  Before I can answer, those questions let us back track a bit. One of numerous personal mountain sized dreams and or goals is to relocate to Williamsburg, Brooklyn as I remain sedated with everything offered in that particular NY borough .

Plan A: Invest a million hours weekly at work, sacrifice some outings, shopping indulgents, (including a fabulous pair of red heels) etc, and cut expenses in other areas to save more money and move into my new place in 2012. Additionally, one of these sacrifices included selling my car.

Since life has her own way of shaking things a bit, Plan A has found its way to the revised plan with subcategory folders and remains under construction in slow progression. In lieu of wasting unnecessary energy on complaining, I decided momentarily to appreciate the timeout. In the meantime, releasing the attachment syndrome to my car was a pleasure in itself and it is one of the best decisions ever made.

Additionally, the benefits outweigh any prior reservations.  After a while, you familiarize yourself with regular commuters and conductors at their respective stops. On rare occasions if we miss one another, I imagine them taking the day to carpe diem in their lives. I have met quite a few people, however, most are not ready to commit to a full conversation during the early morning hour; respectfully, and I get it.

I arrive at work and back home in a calmer, less distracted, peaceful, and happier, and present state of mind. Whether I am on the train or walking back home from the station, I steal the twenty-five minutes to plan my day and or evening ahead. Wow, how could I forget the most important part, my job is right across the street from the station. Secondly, I support physical activity and in this case, walking is a great way to boost up the endorphins free of charge.

Alternatively, I have learned something during the one-year anniversary (yay) of this experimental phase the less time spent with it, the quicker I want to sell my chariot. Additionally, these little moments introduced a new awakening, self-realization and attracted more confidence to say I am ready to conquer the infinite Brooklyn concrete sidewalks. Moreover, the theory proved correct, detachment is the best attachment that brings you back to real life; thank you twenty-five minute remixes.

By:  Laura M.Artis

Broccoli and Cauliflower: A dating Hypothesis

Broccoli and Cauliflower: A dating Hypothesis.

This has nothing to do with a weekly report of your produce in your grocery section. Although I guarantee for some you will never interpret vegetables the same way upon completion. Dating and love would have to be the two most complex, jaded and convoluted topics. Humankind has manifested machines soaring higher than the universe. We have created cars that accelerate faster than the human heartbeat. In addition, we have engineered phantom limbs and accessories functioning similar to their real counterparts and additional mysterious inventions. Yet at this day and age, we are still unable to create an explanation for the hidden meaning behind dating and love.  What is love? Apparently, the masses seem to know more than the other otherwise bookstores would not carry mountains of literature on the topic and professionals would not specialize in the biochemistry anatomy of the repercussions of this luminous endorphin all in the name of love.

I requested a solution from the universe as to why some people sizzle and some fizzle. What a miracle, just then, that following weekend the answer transmitted through unfolding events, the boomerang effect delivered and activated an “A-ha” memo. Additionally, after accepting the reality of that moment, the conclusion was very simple: broccoli and cauliflower are not compatible to date. Before I decipher this further, let us go back to basics. In real life though the mentioned vegetables are similar, and belong to the same cruciferous category, with almost similar texture they do not produce the same benefits. Aside from the difference in hues, there remains an abundance of contrasts; the same speaks for green, yellow, red, and orange peppers.

I hope we are marching towards some form of awareness thus far. The two vegetables love and enjoy their lives together however just because they share similarities it does not mean they are meant to share the same shelf life forever. Life’s events may bring them both together to co-exist on the same plate in a vegetable medley or not. Perhaps they seek to display such false advertising that they are capable of synchronization but in reality, the lack of acceptance of their differences remains their demise. Therefore, the broccoli courageously pursues its life living within its comfort while acknowledging its contribution to the masses and perhaps the cauliflower has yet to catch up or vice versa.

Life is funny that way, because as humans we tend to gravitate to what is familiar, comfortable, and safe. However, when events ignite our energies to something new, wild and exotic we are openly receptive yet it becomes an indecisive double dutch match when faced to choose between the two options. The choice falls into to two categories: risk vs. safety net. Is the cauliflower willing to accept the broccoli? If the answer is yes, then it becomes a match made in heaven, if the answer is no, then clearly broccoli and cauliflower should not date.

By: Laura M.Artis